Feedreader an opensource Feedreader

Quoted from the page : Feedreader is a free lightweight aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats. It works under Windows 98 and later versions.

fr3.pngOkay now i think you get the basic idea of this program, and unlike most people that is using online aggregator / feed reader such as from Google Reader .. i prefer to use desktop based feed reader, because i can read various feed i have subscribed, anytime i want ;) (except when you’re going to update your feed list) … although for those who’s already using a high speed connection or an unlimited broadband connection this application is not that useful because you can always get fresh content without worrying about your internet usage

But whatever the reason is .. i think you should try to use this desktop based reader first ;) .. ooh and as a note … actually i just downloaded this program today, because at the first time i don’t think i need to use feedreader because i prefer browsing from search engine to site to search for a specific article … but to save my monthly bandwidth usage, it seems desktop based feedreader is the only solution .. :P


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