Adsense Section Targetting

I just modified the adsense section targetting used on this site, and hopefully it’ll show a more relevant advertisement to this site. Actually because i saw irrelevant ads on some part of this site, i try to emphasized specific part of this site and hopefully in the future it’ll show relevant ads only (although i doubt that’ll happen) ..

And for those that didn’t know about adsense section targetting, you should read about this optimization tips from google adsense website itself. And it’s really simple actually to use the adsense section targetting on your site, because all you have to do is by placing below code in your site code :

<!– google_ad_section_start –>

<!– google_ad_section_end –>

Simple isn’t it ? and if you want to see it live, just take a look at this site source code :) … but don’t forget that it’ll not guarantee your site will showing only relevant ads from google adsense … just like Google said on the adsense page itself :

You can use section targeting to make suggestions about as many sections of a page as you like. However, please be aware that we can’t guarantee results, and that it may take up to 2 weeks before our crawlers take into account any changes you’ve made to your site.


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