Firefox 2 Crash Script

Even the most favorite browser for geek (well at least only some people know about it judging by the number of Internet Explorer users that is still high) known as Mozilla Firefox .. has some vulnerability issue .. and surprisingly this bug exists on the new Firefox 2 release …and just in case you want some proof about this .. then try opening this page and you’ll see Firefox 2 crashed .. the only solution for this :

Yep that’s all … by the way i just tested it with / without javascript enabled and the result is :

  • If you enabled Javascript in Firefox with / without additional extension .. you’ll see firefox crashed
  • If you disable Javascript .. then you can see the page without problem :D

And just in case you want to run it on your own computer without loading that page first .. here’s the script (copied from that page) :

<script type=”text/javascript”>
function do_crash()
var range;

range = document.createRange();

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2 comments on “Firefox 2 Crash Script

  1. Well i think thats depend on the installed extension because the only extension that makes firefox 2 crash is the more tools menu while the other extension works fine without problem

    as for the javascript itself, i think you should try noscript. because by using noscript you can enable javascript for specific website (for example make your own site to the white list) and that means no more problem caused by malicious javascript :D

  2. I am thinking about down-grading to Firefox 1.x.x. I am starting to get sick of the crashes. It has to be a JavaScript problem for sure, other blog reporting that they disable JavaScript and the crashes go away. JavaScript is needed in my world! AHH!