No Uptime Web Hosting

No UptimeBelieve it or not there’s an incredible web hosting company out there that provides you a Guaranteed Server Downtime for your hosting plan ! :P

Unlike many other host that is always said the same thing about 99.99% Uptime Guarantee, this webhosting offer you really realistic plan simply because everyone can create the same services like this :D

Here’s what their testimonial looks like :

Jacob Huttler writes:
No Uptime used my credit card to buy porn magazines. This service is a sham!

Why did i choose to blog in English ?

If you’ve already been visiting my blog here for a while (and of course read some of my post here), you’ll probably think that i’m pretending to be a cool guy by writing in English language instead of my own language which is Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language). Despite there are various spelling and grammar error here and there (and lots of other error), i keep writing in english.

But why did i choose to write in english eventhough i can’t write it well ? .. that’s because english is the only international language i know (i can’t read chinese language or japanese or spanish, etc), because no matter what you write in your blog if you want to get international coverage, there’s no way you can use your own language eventhough you really want to promote it to the whole world .. and that’s a fact


WordPress, Duplicate Content and Google

Google recently just published an article about duplicate content and how to avoid your site producing duplicate content on their blog

And i think most of you already know that if you’re using WordPress based CMS / blogging platform, you may find your category, and archive pages are duplicating your site content.

For some people they don’t really care about this because they rank well in Google without being penalized because of duplicate content, while some other also say that their site keep losing index from Google

By the way here’s what Google said to avoid having duplicate content on your site:

Images next to Google Adsense Ads

Google adsense team finally write a clear information regarding the use of images next to the adsense ads on their official Google Adsense Blog

Quoted from the Official Google Adsense Blog :

We’ve recently received a number of emails from publishers asking how we feel about the placement of images near Google ad units. There’s been some confusion on this issue, and so we turned to our policy team to set the record straight.

Can I place small images next to my Google ads?

What you should know about Web hosting

If you consider yourself a computer geek, i think you’ve already know about different type of webhosting and what is the differences between them other than that i’m sure you’ve already know what you should look for in a good webhosting company. But not everyone know about such stuff, especially for those who new to webhosting .. but instead talking of the technical stuff about webhosting, i’m going to talk about web hosting in general :)

Actually i decided to post about this because a few weeks ago, there’s someone chat with me on IM and he’s interested on getting a webhosting. Although he know about php script and such stuff but he didn’t know / never heard of dedicated server, managed server, vps hosting and shared hosting .. and that’s why i choose to post it just in case someone interested on getting a webhosting plan but didn’t actually know about different type of hosting plan that’s available to choose from various webhosting company

Note : I’m not going to talk about reseller hosting, simply because not everyone are going to use a reseller hosting plan


Domain Registration via Google Apps

Google now offering domain registration for everyone who’s interested on using their Google Hosted EMail account known as Google Apps for Your Domain through their partners with only $10 / Year / Domain name and that’s including a private registration which means your private information can’t be viewed by domain whois tool that’s freely available to use on the web .. and you get a full control of your domain name

Quoted from Google Press Release :

Starting today, we’re partnering with eNom and, two industry leaders in domain registration, to offer users without a domain an easy way to find, register, and buy a domain and start immediately using our services. When you register a new domain as part of the sign-up process for Google Apps for Your Domain, we’ll work with our partners behind the scenes and automatically configure everything so it works with all of the services available through Google Apps for Your Domain right out of the gate. We also give you full control of your domain settings, so you can use your domain for other services not provided by Google.

Hostgator Storage and Bandwidth Capacity Upgraded

Hostgator recently upgraded all their hosting plan into an extremely large storage capacity and bandwidth just like Dreamhost do .. although it’s nice to get a huge amount of storage space on your hosting plan .. but i’m wondering, if they’re going to be like some hosting out there that’s overselling their plan to their customer ?

Well .. i hope not, because if it’s mean downtime to my website (so far i’m really satisfied with their uptime), then there’s nothing i can do other than moving into a new web hosting company (because i prefer uptime rather than high bandwidth / storage especially if you’re not going to use it) … beside there’s no one that’s going to reach that maximum bandwidth amount because every shared hosting limit your CPU usage so there’s no one that can reach your full bandwidth limitation with the exception you can always use all the storage as long as it’s just a storage area :P

By the way here’s the amount of storage space and bandwidth when Hostgator upgraded their servers :

  • The Hatchling plan : 50 GB Storage | 200 GB Bandwidth
  • The Baby plan : 100 GB Storage | 1 TB Bandwidth
  • The Swamp plan : 200 GB Storage | 2 TB Bandwidth

Wow .. that’s really huge especially when comparing the original baby plan (this is the one that i’m using right now) that only gives you only 5GB storage and 75GB bandwidth originally.

Google Sitemaps Status Showing False Alert

For the past few days, Google Sitemaps showing false alert about your site being removed / not indexed from Google, your verified site become unverified, etc (i don’t think there’s other problem other than that) .. and basically it’s showing something like below :

Google Sitemaps Problem

Yep .. i think the image already explained it ;) … although some people complaining that their site has been dropped from Google index completely (although when i test it, it is showing 2 results from Google index)

But i think there’s no need to worry about that, because i’ve been experiencing this problem too since a few days ago and a while back. Although the sitemap information showing false information i was able to locate my site in google index