Error Code 0x81000306 from Live Messenger

It’s been 2 days since i can’t login using the official Windows Live Messenger 8.0.x and 8.1 beta to connect through their IM Service, i thought at first there’s something wrong with my pc or because of internet connection problem. Because error code 81000306 from MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger means there’s connection problem, and can be caused by various factor such as :

  • Timeout while connecting to Messenger Service and that means you have problem with your internet connection
  • Firewall blocking access to Messenger Service, and in order to fix it you must allow access to MSN Messenger Service, but because i’ve already done this by allowing access through port 1863 and previously i can connect without problem that means this isn’t the case for me

And because of that problem, i try to use other IM Client to connect into my msn account and surprisingly i can connect without problem when using Gaim (this is my favorite IM client if there’s something wrong with web based client or official client) as my WLM client. Because i haven’t found the solution to fix the WLM problem, i think it’s best for me to use Gaim until i can found the solution to that problem :D


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  1. This my second time getting this error message. Last time I fixed it by reverting my Netgear DG834G firmware to its previous version.

    This time though, it did not work. Tried deleting contacts file, enabling UPnP, opening IM ports and tried using Gaim (Pidgin as they call it now) all to no avail…

    I can only log in via webmessenger.

    Any ideas?

  2. Error 81000306 can be caused by a corrupt contacts file. Close messenger. Go to:
    C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts
    (You may need to Tools – Folder options – View – Show hidden files and folders)
    Find the folder with the same name as your email address and rename it to Old or something.

    Restart messenger and it will re-build your contacts from the internet (takes a couple of mins). All should then be OK.

  3. try turn off the Windows firewall on your network connection, that what I’ve done. And WLM start to work just fine~

  4. hi all,
    im using linksys dsl modem and when im using wireless i can connect to msn normally, when i tried to use ethernet cable everything was ok, but windows live messenger cant connect and i have this error code
    i can browse net, connect to yahoo messenger.
    what do u think

  5. Hmm – i just received this problem. Since ive always used MSN with no problems ( well u know ). I’m guessing its either to do with the m-soft servers or your internet service provider has fiddled with the firewall policy at the exchange or equivalent location.

  6. ok i did everything what it suppose to be for my msn and it still doesn’t work why i do not know i am certified IT and i can not figure out what in the f..going on with my msn it is msn 9.0 beta
    so good luck if someone has any idea please help me

  7. Hi there i am having this same problem and my firewall is set to trust it and others are using it and it is working with the same antivirus is there anyway to fix this!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP

  8. I have been using Msn live messenger for quite a long time but since yesterday I have been facing a contineous problem. When I try to sing in in the MSn that gives a code error of 81000306. I did every thing to resolve my problem but in vain. Please guide and help me at the earliest

  9. I managed to get this error a really simple way.

    1. I used character map to make the following “cH˚NO” (Chemical formula for caffeine)

    2. I pasted this in the little “tag line” box.

    3. MSN turns the superscript characters to squares, then when I press enter, just the “C” remains, then it logs out straight after.

    4. I now can’t log back in again.

  10. well if you’re sure your firewall block access to port 1683, you can add new rules to allow port 1683 :)

  11. i have firewall problem i think the port 1683 is blocked plus the web -based messenger .
    what shal i do!! Kindly do u have any version that works on another port??!!

  12. I put some winks and emoticons on last night rebooted and this morning i get the 306 error, my other msn account logs in fine but this account doesnt contain my contacts. Is there a way to uninstall msn addons? maybe the amount of winks i have is causing it to timeout while loading them up, just a thought.

  13. Um .. actually there’s a chance your firewall blocking your connection because MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger use port 1863. While web browsing (this is including using hotmail, etc) is using port 80 (HTTP) .. and because port 80 is the standard for browsing website, your firewall wont block it ;)

  14. This is really irritating me, error 81000306 aswell as 81000314 I havent checked the last one yet, but that error 306 has got nothing to do with my firewalls, I can sign into hotmail, use other accounts….

  15. well i think that’s more to MSN Connection issue (temporary issue) because i can connect without problem when i was posting this message, so the only solution to that problem is you can try using GAIM if there’s something wrong with the connection, because GAIM isnt affected

  16. hey there, ah I’ve been having the same problem since I use telkom speedy. is there anything I can do to solve it? I’ve searched to MSN help and tried all the directions but they were useless; I still can’t signin.