So you just installed WordPress .. what’s next ?

Okay .. you just installed WordPress into your webhost, and you’re wondering what you should do with your wordpress next after installing it. Should you promote it directly into your friends, family or even put it in your MySpace profile ? or you’re going to make sure everything is works as it should ?

Maybe that’s one of the most frequently asked question by you, especially for those that’s still new into the magnificent world of wordpress .. um .. i mean blogging using wordpress of course :D .. Although the installation process of WordPress is easy, problem may occur if you’re not configuring everything first, because you’ll never know what’s going to happen to your blog in the future

And that’s why i’m going to tell you what you should do after installing wordpress into your host. Actually i decided to post this because i just set up another wordpress powered site for my friend and think it’d be good to share this basic info :)

Create New Administrator Username

This is the first thing you should do, because by using the default admin username, you’ve just made your blog become easier for the cracker to get the administrator access into your blog. And i think you’ll know what’s going to happen next, after some unknown user get admin access :)

And to create new admin user, simply while logged in using the default admin username, create another user and don’t forget to give the new user an admin access. After creating and give the new user admin level. Logout and login again using the new username, and don’t forget to delete the default admin username … simple isn’t it ? even you don’t have to know about mysql database to do this step ;)

  • Edit your profile : You don’t want your username to be displayed as it is do you ? that’s why you need to change your profile, also configure your displayed name on your post.
  • Change your Permalink : Of course this is a must because if you’re not using it, your url will looks confusing especially for search engine (Google not affected by this) and to make sure everything works good to every search engine out there, you should use this option.
  • Change your Timezone : I know this is very basic, but not everyone live in the same time zone as your’s
  • Insert Moderated Words : You’ll never know when someone is going to post some bad language into your comment box, so that’s why you should insert some bad words list into the moderated words on discussion tab under option. So if there’s someone trying to post a bad words into the comment box, it’ll not be displayed automatically
  • Activate Akismet : This is one of the most important function that should be activated first, to give you protection from spammer .. um .. i mean .. reducing the number of spam comment on your blog. Unfortunately you’ll have to go to and register with them first in order to get the API key (they should change this method) ..
  • Organize your Categories : The default categories is using uncategorized as it’s name .. and i don’t think you want to use it do you ? also you should consider to categorize your post so your visitor can browse them easily
  • Edit the First Hello World Post : Well .. instead of deleting it, it’d be better to edit it and start posting your first entry :)
  • Change Your Theme : Of course this is a must, because the default theme is not that good, eventhough you don’t want to install other plugins .. you should at least change your blog looks

Well i think i’ve already covered anything when you just installed your WordPress without using other plugin. As a side note, if it’s for me, i’d rather not using the default WordPress DB Backup plugin and delete it right away. I always choose the hard way doing it when it comes to something like database backup :P


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