Images near Adsense Ads

I’ve seen several website using images near their adsense ads, although the Google team itself already said you can put images near your adsense ads as long as you put visible border between the adsense ads and the images. Because several people already emailed the adsense team and most of them got response like below from the google adsense team

You’re welcome to place images near the Google ads on your site. However, we ask that publishers not place misleading images near Google ads or use images that appear to be directly associated with the advertisers and their offerings. Such images may draw undue attention to the ads and prompt unintentional user clicks, thereby artificially inflating advertiser costs. As you may know, drawing undue attention to ads is in violation of our program policies, so we’re unable to approve the placement of all images next to Google ads. If you choose to experiment with placing images directly next to the ads, I’d strongly encourage you to maintain a visible border around the adunits to reduce the possibility of confusing users.

Some people said eventhough they have put visible border, Google Adsense team still asking them to remove the images from their site. Well i think i will take the safe route because i don’t want my adsense account get banned because of simple matter like this. But we’ll see about that in the future :D


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