Firefox Shortcut Key for URL Completion

Just in case someone didn’t know about this (because i always saw someone typing the full domain name manually instead of using the automatic url completion), im going to post it. Actually it just a simple keyboard shortcut to provide automatic url completion so you don’t have to type www and the domain extension such as .com, .net or .org in Firefox.

And here’s the shortcut key :

  • SHIFT + ENTER : Will automatically complete a .net domain, for example type reaper-x and then press shift + enter it’ll become automatically
  • CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER : Will automatically complete domain name using .org extension
  • CTRL + ENTER : Will automatically complete domain name using .com extension

That’s all .. simple isn’t it?


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5 comments on “Firefox Shortcut Key for URL Completion

  1. i believe that’s the most useful tips i’ve ever seen Vladimir :)

    thank you very much for sharing the tips

  2. No need for an extension.

    Type about:config and search for

    browser.fixup.alternate.enabled – true/false, controlled by Prefs UI
    browser.fixup.alternate.prefix – “www.”
    browser.fixup.alternate.suffix – “.com”

  3. Simple, yes…but useless to most of the world’s population most of the time. Is there a Firefox Extension that allows for domain completion instructions to be customized???

  4. hahaha sorry if my words offend you, but dont worry i’ll learnt from your words and i’ll not repeat the same mistake in the future :)

    thanks for visiting :D

  5. Simple? Sure. Easy to remember? No–not for me, anyway. Everyone loooooooves to blather on incessantly about how “easy” keyboard shortcuts are. “Just do Ctrl+Shift+F1, then Shift+F2, and Alt+X”… And remember 100 other keyboard combos for that application, and 100 other applications. It’s crap.