Good Old PC Games when you’re bored

Well if you don’t have anything to do right now other than browsing on the internet .. why not playing old pc games ? maybe it could bring back good memories from the past or maybe just to to make a revenge because you can’t finish those game when you’re still a kid .. anyway forget about that memories part and now i’m going to create a list of my favorite pc game in the past … although some of them are my all time favorite game :)

As a side note, some of these game are not free because it’s still licensed by the author /  company itself .. so you should do some research to find the it on the internet (and i’m not going to give you the link here) .. but i’m sure with a bit searching around the net you can find it easily

Okay and here’s the list :

  • Flashback : One of my favorite action adventure games, it’s like the old Prince of Persia series
  • Princess Maker 2 : Yay .. my sister really like this game .. hehehe .. yeah i know it’s a game designed for a girl (depend on your perception thought).. but i don’t think its wrong for a guy to play it :P .. by the way this game is all about raising a girl until age 17/18 before she leave you.
  • Monkey Island Series : One of the best point n click type game, i highly recommend this classic adventure game .. good storyline, great puzzle, and funny
  • Karateka : Still remember the old karateka game and can’t beat this game ? well then you should try it again and see if you can finish it or not :D
  • Archon : I still remember the first time i played this game … back then .. i can’t even win a single match, by the way it’s like a chess game with some variation
  • Police Quest Series : It’s the same point and click game just like Monkey Island series, except this one give lots of puzzle and can be difficult at some part
  • Beneath a Steel Sky : Another point and click game, with great graphic (when compared to other point and click game at that time) .. and can be difficult at some part
  • Knight of Xentar : The first RPG game on PC i’ve ever played although at that time i didn’t know that it was RPG game .. :D .. as a side note, this game is not safe for work
  • Twinsen Little Big Adventure Series : Truly a masterpiece, this game deserve a perfect score. Funny, Great Storyline, and of course this is an action adventure type game
  • Uncharted Waters Series : Another great masterpiece from KOEI the creator of Romance of the Three Kingdom Series game. And this game is all about become a sailor or such stuff
  • Settlers Series : Well it’s like a strategy game to me just as Warcraft
  • Colonization : If you’ve already played Civilization then you should try this one too, but for those who didn’t know about Civilization game, this game is all about creating your own colony
  • Free Enterprise : I remember i played this game when i was at Junior High School, and this is a good game for those who like to play business simulation game.
  • Conquest of the New World : Another strategy type game, and i think it’s like Colonization but with greater graphic
  • Leather Goddess of Phobos : A first person adventure game, lots of puzzles .. and quite good story
  • High Seas Trader : The game title says it all :P
  • Motor City : Create your own car factory .. although quite confusing this game is still good
  • SimCopter : One of my favorite simulation game :D .. btw here’s the description

I think that’s all for now .. i’m going to update this post later …

Btw you can find all this game easily, and most of them are available at Abandonia and The Underdogs … hopefully with all the above game .. you can spend a whole week to bring back old memories .. :P


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6 comments on “Good Old PC Games when you’re bored

  1. i need help finding this game and im going crazzzzy as heck i thought it was wizard quest but that wasnt it the 1 thought it was kings quest but that wasnt it either maby you can help me out its like kings quest the first one but it has somthing to do with medusa in it it almost looks the same as kq but from what i got off the computer i think that they might have come out at the same time with the same graphics but different story lines please help me out

  2. some of my all time old favorites are
    Seven kingdoms
    transport tycoon
    Industry giant
    roller coaster tycoon (instant classic not really old though)
    Stunt island(really good airplane game you performed stunts for movies worth a look)
    and i am sure there are others that slipped past by mind

  3. unfortunately i only have the SNES and PSX version of ROTK IV :( and i cant seem to find the ROTK IV either (i think i saw it before at some ROTK fansite but since i already has the SNES and PSX version i decided not to download it) :P

  4. Hello Aditya,

    Speaking of old games .. i especially like the ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS series (1-4) pc version from KOEI … but i haven’t played the ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS Walls of Fire yet. Do you happen to know where can i download that particular game .. i usually go to to download old pc games but it only release the 1-3 version. Or maybe you already have the game .. please share it to me if you don’t mind.


  5. Thank you very much Wilberto. And yes i do miss the old gameplay type such as Pirate (where you can sail to various place and sell something), point and click such as Monkey Island and many other games as well :(

    Although modern games use high end graphic and good FMV but most of them doesnt deliver what the gamers want from it and that is :

    – Good storyline (if its RPG type) .. if you already played FFX and above on PS2, you’ll see that FFX ++ stories is not as good as its previous FF series (FF7 and FF8 – also available on pc)

    – Unique Gameplay type :P

    Btw im interested on visiting your site too .. just let me know when its available :)

  6. Yeah, fine article. As I´m planning to launch a game-site different to current ones I think about many old games, especially for the PC. Think about games you could name “game” and not a kind of multimedia-show. Easy to play, fun to play, for all ages, with ideas and innovation. I think the trend goes back to real gaming instead of watching effects and dull trailers. But dont get me wrong, I play modern games too, but more and more low-cost games, opensource-games, shareware games. So my soon to be realeased site will cover this trend in all aspects. And many of the games you have on your list will be mentioned then. So play on and thanks for the article.