Pagerank 3 with 5 inbound Link

I just noticed yesterday, one of my website created for my friend few years ago has a pagerank of 3 (i’m not promoting it, doing some seo stuff, or submit it to search engine except ODP) .. and after searching for inbound link to my site using Google .. i can’t found any inbound link into that site, although i know that it’s listed on Open Directory Project so i think maybe Google has a problem yesterday.

But after trying to search again using MSN and Yahoo, it does found an inbound link to that site, and what makes me feel curious .. it only gives you 5 inbound link to that site .. and that result is came from Yahoo while MSN doesn’t give backlink result !?

So what does pagerank looks on a site exactly ? is it because of numerous backlink or something else ? well .. i don’t know about it but one thing i regret is .. i forgot the password and username to login into my own site !!!


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