Telkom Speedy, ADSL Access at Dial Up speed

I can’t hold it any longer, although i already said i don’t want to post something like this again, but it seems the biggest corruptor in Indonesia owned by the biggest telecommunication company called Telkom and the world slowest ADSL access service called Speedy don’t care or even listen to their customer !!! And this time i’m not going to say anything good against them, i’ll tell you everything about the world first ADSL access with limited bandwidth that gives you the speed of Dial Up Connection with the price of an Unlimited 2 Mbps connection or more at other country !!! $75 – $80 / month including 10% tax

Okay here’s the truth about Speedy ADSL Service from Telkom :

Speedy access speed : 384 Kbps Download and 64 Kbps Upload

Yeah like a dream come true, if it’s truly 384 kbps download, how come the access speed at work time (09:00 AM – 06:00 PM) gives you a TIMEOUT message or LONG WAITING TIME when you’re trying to access server outside Indonesia. Even to a high speed server such as Yahoo, Microsoft / MSN, and Google. Beside when downloading a single file (500 kb) .. at work time the fastest speed you can get is 7.1 Kbps and that means it’s not far from standard dial up connection …

They say check your Noise Margin, your router configuration, and your Firewall blocking access or slowing down your access

Hell yeah, if my telephone line is bad, how come when i access website after work time, there’s no problem at all .. ??? beside when i try to access server in my own country at work time, i can access it without problem

Check your computer for virus and other malware

I never heard about virus slowing your access to website even if they’re trying to DDOS a site or sending unlimited packet ?

They say they’re going to reduce their price

Hm … i think i’ve heard this words before two months ago .. and they’re saying they’ll reduce speedy price at October .. but untill now .. i didn’t see Speedy price reduced. By the way, i also heard that Telkom get lots of profit recently (62%) ?

750 MB / month bandwidth for $30 – $40 and 2GB bandwidth for $75–$80 ?

Completely sucks, because for that high price you can get an incredible speed at other country, beside without bandwidth limitation. But i can tolerate that as long as i can get the true ADSL speed at work time but the truth is even if you already pay for that incredible price, you’ll only get a Dial Up Speed at work time ..

And the conclusion is, if there’s other ISP in your area simply use them instead of Speedy, because it’s not worth using the ADSL Service from Telkom, they completely sucks and below average .. they only think about profit … profit … and profit .. without thinking of their customer. Although i know that if you’re going to do business you’ll have to make profit .. but ?! making customer suffer ?! It’s not in my dictionary.


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  1. Kasihan deh Telkom dimaki-maki terus. Padahal layanan Speedy di sini (Sidoarjo) baik-baik saja.

    Max Download : 42 KB/s
    Max Upload : 8 KB/s

    Sudah mendekati 384 Kbps (pasti ada lost kan?)

    Mayoritas keluhan sepertinya datang dari pengguna di Jakarta. Jadi jangan salahkan Telkom secara keseluruhan, cukup salahkan Divre Jakarta saja. Mungkin sudah terlalu banyak pengguna, masih diolor sampai tipiiiis.

    Setiap Divre itu berbeda bung. Nyatanya Divre V Jawa Timur baik-baik saja.

  2. Jadi skg pertanyaan nya: how do we know which area is good and which area is bad for using speedy (especially in Jakarta)? Any clues? Suggestions?

  3. Saya tinggal di Australia (canberra), pakai BigPond ADSL unlimited liberty. Setiap hari selalu komunikasi (video conference) pakai Skype dengan tiga organg partners yang menggunakan unlimited ADSL Speedy di Cibubur (Kotawisata), Serpong (BSD), Meruya/Kebon Jeruk, dan seorang lain yang menggunakan Indosat IM2 (via TV kabelvision) di Pondok Indah. Kelihatannya kita semua fine-fine aja tuh. Suara dan gambar lumayan jelas. Kenapa koq heboh banget ya? Memang, saya rasa memberlakukan mekanisme pasar secara friendly (friendly market system) adalah jalan yang ternaik in the long run. Untuk itu tentu perlu social pressure agar bisa terjadi pembenahan struktural di bidang pertelekomunikasian kita.

  4. Just discovered your site and would like to share my bad net experiences.
    The net in Indonesia is a complete joke driven by unscrupulous, corrupt management totally designed to rip everyone off. I have been using Radnet wireless (Fren CDMA) for the last year in Bandung. Totally unreliable, invariably slow for 90% of the time, WHEN you can actually connect. Was charged the exorbiant cost of RP1.7mill for the wireless card, and monthly useage charge of RP1.5 mill average. Of course you are limited speed wise to the CDMA network (38K) but even on a good day you are lucky to get 10-15K.
    Radnet continue to blame the CDMA network ( prob correct for connection problems) but continue to charge even when the net connection is not made. A complete ripoff. After extensive investigation Indosat IM2 seems to be about the best option at the moment, and will be changing this week

  5. I don’t understand why Indo government let monopoly on broadband internet. Slow internet service means Indo will be less competitive compared to other nations in terms of investment, education, e-government, e-commerce and e-learning.

    Too costly cost just to protect PT. Telkom fat wallet forever.

    Indo government needs to think about it, get smarter and liberalize the Telecom market.

    PT. Telkom sucks, let somebody else does the business for better for less.

  6. Kalau buat saya sendiri sih, siang hari (senin sampai jumat) … jangan harap deh buat browsing (temen aja yg tadinya ga percaya pas ke rumah ngerasain bener)

    tapi pas malam hari (jam 6 keatas) kecepatan bagus

    hal ini tidak berlaku pada hari sabtu dan minggu :)

  7. Setelah baca-baca comments yang udah di posting disini (sebagian baca di tempat laen…..) ternyata ada satu kesimpulan yang aku dapet…


    Soalnya di tempatku (Pekanbaru) kecepatan speedynya (hectic time) rata-rata sampai 194 Kbps… test pake (
    gak ngecewain deh…!!

    Waktu ngebaca hasil postingan beberapa orang (disana-sini), sampe ada yang sumpah serapah bla…bla…bla…dll.. dst… sedih banget bacanya..

    Sedih buat orang-orang yang gak bisa ngerasain betapa cepatnya speedy and sedih juga buat Telkom yang harus terus kena sumpah serapah sebagian orang yang gak suka dengan kinerja Telkom…..

  8. Well, for “broadband” the best so far is Indosat 3G / IM2 3G. (Either one is fine)

    OK, forget about what they said about 3.6Mbps HSDPA, you’ll end up getting about 200Kbps.. but hey. that’s the fastest around yet. so until we get another fiber optic backbone to Singapore in 2008, that’s all you’re going to get.

    I got both Indosat 3G (Medium, 2.5GB/month package) IM2 3G (light, 1GB/month package, but free HSDPA modem) and ProXL 3G (250MB/month, for testing). and as far as I can tell, Indosat 3G Broadband = IM2 3G and better than XL 3G (and better than Mobile 8 Fren EVDO).

    But be careful about the download speed. the allocated package (up to 3.75 GB / month for me) goes VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY fast. I am closing in on 1GB/week usage.. sigh.. The nicest thing about the IM2 portion is that their website gives me up-to-yesterday list of my usage so far. and yes.. their billing is accurate, unfortunately.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, the 200Kbps speed I got during the day to evening hours BUT you need to get the HSDPA modem. Using a standard 3G Nokia handphone as a modem, I only got 40Kbps…

    Good luck guys..




    pokoeeeee goreng jeung dulullll…

    CBN the best… they even clash action on telkom when their backbone dead….. they are care about the costumer

    any bad english sorry not a natural typo ^^

    Feel free to take over telkom anyone rich enought to buy it!

  10. Hi, would like to rant a little here if ya wouldn’t mind :)

    Seriously, I’m running out of choices. All the review I’m getting for other ISPs are all the same cause of the monopoly. Maybe there are no other options .. maybe I shouldn’t have returned here! Those ISP providing ADSL will have to go through Telkom, and for a cable internet you have got to subscribe Kabelvision (Indosat has their own little network but only in certain limited areas). These two (Telkom and Kabelvision) could actually make a lot of improvements but hey .. they only care about the bucks they can make from cheating their customers.

    It’s lame to just complain all the time especially where there are no changes being made to make it all better even just a little. It’s also useless to make those annoucement to ‘take care’ of the problems. And it’s sad if you still support them regardless the of the facts that there are many more people being cheated. So … …. ….. ……. ………

    Btw I’ve just taken a bandwidth test. 3KB download speed for me with the so called 348kbps adsl.

    @Brian: Getting ADSL through CBN saves you from headache? Well little research I’ve done but so far none were saying good things. Can ya tell me more bout it? Thanks.

  11. Actually, Telkom can afford to make a good high speed network but this would mean taking all the profit from the vast amount of corruption and nepotism and making things good for customers. What everyone needs to realize is that this country is based on corruptiion, collusion, and nepotism period. Telkom is a monopoly owned by a network of corrupt folks all connected to each other. It’s as simple as that. No competition from foreign ISP’s means no need to offer quality customer service, or ANY customer service at all. Indovision, Indosat, Pro XL, Telkomsel, all the same. This is a country of monopolies and at the very least, ten years behind the rest of the world in technology. It’s third, well actually, 4th world here. Those of us who live here, understand this and we hope one day Indonesia will catch up with the rest of the world, but this will never happen. Point is, Telkom speedy is a rip off, is slower that their normal [email protected], so just stick with that, its faster actually.

  12. Move to CBN like I did. I don’t mind paying more so long I don’t need to suffer headaches anymore trying to trouble-shoot my connection in daytime.

  13. Speedy??? sucks abeshh… ADSL macam apa itu.. telkom cuman pinter ngomong doank.
    yeah i agree with Reaper-X bro… the slowest and most expensive ADSL in southasia. Maaf ya buat para pelanggan yang bilang Speedy itu ok atau bagus aja.. berarti anda itu belom pernah merasakan yang namanya ADSL… kasihan deh loe..
    Saya saranin aja buat telkom.. kalau ga bisa bilang “commited 2 u” mending cabut aja tuh slogan. Customer sevice juga sucks… “commited 2 u”??? commited my ass!!!


  14. Bagus komentarnya ;)

    mungkin speedy di daerah situ memang sedikit jumlah pemakainya jadi kecepatannya yah sudah pasti baik. Contoh, om saya bekerja sebagai guru di sekolah smu negeri di jakarta yang menggunakan speedy, juga sama saja lambat. Dan contoh lain silahkan cek di situs detik yang bisa dilihat sendiri bukan ? makanya tidak perlu saya taruh urlnya disini ? dan anda sudah lihat saya bilang speedy normal pada malam hari kecuali siang hari

    saya tidak menyebut meteran speedy salah, karena saya tidak pernah mengalami meteran salah. Yang saya tahu speedy salah ialah billing orang lain ditagihkan ke saya, dan dua kali mengalami hal ini, yang pertama ada tagihan 8 juta ke saya yang pasti kaget tapi berhasil saya konfirmasi itu bukan saya dan juga saya sudah membayar tagihan bulan waktu itu, yang kedua juga berhasil saya bereskan juga.

    Yang saya bilang ialah speedy berkata mau ada diskon tapi apa yg terjadi ? sudah lewat dari janji di bulan Oktober, dan baru ada di bulan November tapi hasilnya ? Sudah bisa dilihatkan hasilnya :D .. pengguna baru diutamakan, pengguna lama dibuang .. namun itu juga hanya 2 bulan

    masalah banding dengan koneksi luar negeri, bolehlah tidak dibandingkan tapi apa tidak malu dengan kualitas servis ? Sebagai catatan, saya protes via komplain formnya dan dapat telepon dari mereka, dan bilang koneksinya sedang ada masalah. Jadi apakah saya salah ? Mungkin daerah sidoarjo tidak bermasalah tapi di sini bermasalah dan sudah pasti bukan karena sambungan telepon yang buruk :)

  15. Ah masak sih? Sambungannya bagus kok. Saya berlokasi di Sidoarjo (itu lho, dekatnya lumpur Lapindo). Yaaah.. malang nian nasib dikau…

    Download 7.1 Kbps, kilobit atau kilobyte yah ? Pakai huruf ‘b’ kecil sih..

    Di sambungan saya, kecepatan normal browsing situs luar negeri sekitar 20 s/d 25 KB/detik. Kalau membuka situs lokal seperti atau, bisa lebih dari 25 KB / detik.

    Kalau download file-file pakai download manager ? Sip tuh, bisa sampai 45 KB / detik. Sudah mendekati 384 Kbps kan ? Saya pakai FlashGet (bajakan, tentunya).

    Kecepatan upload ke situs luar sekitar 6 s/d 8 KB / detik dan itu sudah sangat bagus. Bandingkan saja dengan brosur-brosur layanan dari perusahaan lain.

    Meteran Speedy juga tepat kok. Saya tahu ini sebab saya juga pasang meteran sendiri buat jaga-jaga. O ya, sampai akhir bulan Desember limit bandwidth-nya dinaikkan. Yang 750 MB jadi 1 GB, yang 2 GB jadi 2.5 GB.

    Saya punya sebuah situs yang saya taruh di sebuah VPS di Chicago. Hampir setiap saat saya mengaksesnya selama 24 jam kecuali pas tidur. Jadi saya tahu kecepatan Speedy memang bisa dipertanggungjawabkan kok. Tentu ada masa-masa di mana sambungan ke Speedy lambat atau tidak memberi response sama sekali. Tapi itu sangat jarang terjadi. Apalagi kalau dibandingkan dengan jamannya saya pakai StarOne dulu. Saya ini intensif pakai internet untuk riset, cari-cari lewat Google dan membuka situs-situs untuk referensi tulisan. Makanya saya buang StarOne dan berlangganan Speedy. Dan saya lumayan puas kok.

    O ya, saya bukan marketing Speedy lho. Kalau dirimu mau membuang Speedy, silakan saja. Semakin sedikit yang pakai, kan semakin bagus. Biar saya bisa pakai Speedy dengan mantap.

    For those who don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, I’ve decided to write this review in Bahasa Indonesia, since the only people who can gain benefit from a fair review about Speedy are the ones who live in Indonesia. Comparing Speedy with other countries’ services is a futile and ignorant exercise. Simply because we can’t afford to build that kind of infrastructures, yet.

  16. # Liz

    Your welcome Liz

    # Chix-b

    Well about the discount, it’ll only last until 31 December 2006 .. :(

    try opening their site first and make sure you’ve read everything

  17. shoot..!! I am thinking about trying their offering. I just want to know if they’re moving good or moving bad for their customers. The marketer said that free modem , great discount, additional BW till 1 GB per month wuth 40% off..let me just try and see …

  18. i dont know much about skype because i never use it before, but as a side info there’s an expatriate complaining about this speedy issue too :

    “Those are the only times during the day when I can achieve speeds anywhere close to what Telkom so boldly advertises on TV and in print,” paparnya.

    “Voice over IP during office hours? Video conferencing with clients/suppliers? Large file transfers? Media rich websites? Forget it… I’ll be lucky if the connection to my mail server in the USA doesn’t time out in the 10 to 15 minutes it takes downloading an email with a 1MB pdf attachment.”

    original page can be found here

    but if you need more info about skype or other broadband service in indonesia you might try to visit to get more info about it or try contacting the webmaster directly (im sure they know about this)

  19. I was planning to get the service so I can use Skype.
    But after reading your entry, I assume even if I get the unlimited one, I still can’t use Skype…

    Have you tried, by the way? To install and use Skype for phone call?
    Just want to know if it is possible at all.
    I’ve looked and I don’t think I see any other option for broadband service in jakarta…

  20. actually i dont really care about their customer service and i know about outsourcing thing ;) because the problem is not in their customer support service, but their international bandwidth :) .. if they cant afford to get more international bandwidth, then they should stop accepting new user (but it seems they only care about profit) .. with that ridiculous price

    and the only problem with speedy that most speedy user get is .. adsl access at really slow speed .. as for mac, actually it doesnt matter which os you’re using if the ISP itself cant provide adequate bandwidth for their customer :(

  21. that is called marketing, my son. ;)
    it happens also in US in case if you dont know.
    the truth is, the company is incapable to hire somebody who really understand the internet/computer. You might have one or a number of people who can help you, but still, majority of the operator will ask you to restart your computer just to connect to internet… (For cryin out loud, there is a control panel for that!)
    thats why, use mac!