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I don’t know why, but indexed pages on my site are keep going down everyday (well maybe not everyday but it’s still going down) .. although i don’t quite understand what’s the actual problem is. I think maybe Google has some problem or Google considered my site as spam source or maybe Google think i’m trying to do some blackhat seo stuff. And of course because of this i’m losing my site traffic, i think it’d best if i wait for a few days before rechecking my site on google index. And if the problem still occur, i’m going to email the google team directly. Because i never try to use some blackhat seo tricks, creating duplicate pages, or creating some spam site. Updated :

Actually this is not a big deal, because after reading various material about this i came to conclusion on what you should do if you experience the same thing like me and if you’re sure, that you’ve not doing anything wrong :

  • Google currently has problem somewhere on their server, and don’t worry because soon after the Google team has fixed the problem, your indexed pages will go up again
  • There’s no need to bother submitting your sitemap thousand times to Google because it’s not going to work out as you’ve planned before because there’s something wrong on their server just like i said before
  • Just keep posting / creating / updating your site content
  • Also there’s some important talk here about the difference between the Googlebot and Mozilla bot, this is important to read especially if you’re using GZip compression to serve your website content like me

Well basically the above already said it all, although the last part is not that important if you don’t use / enable GZip compression on your site / server.

Update : It seems Google already fixed their problem, because i can see the indexed page from my site just like before


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2 comments on “Indexed Pages decreased from Google Index

  1. thanks alot for this little article
    the same thing it’s happin to me this days.
    I afried to see it decrease more..
    but this article made me feel comfertable
    becuase I didn’t do anything wrong
    just using static pages, a little meta description for every page, a dynamic sitemap
    thats all