How to speed up WordPress blog

Update: Please see the new version on how to speed up wordpress instead

Everyone love sites that load fast for them and i’m pretty sure that some of you even might close the tab of the currently loading site if you feels the site you’re trying to open didn’t load fast enough for you. And so here in this post, i decided to wrote a few tips that perhaps might help you prevent losing potential visitors

Use minimalist theme

The simple way to say it, is using a wordpress theme that’s not using lots of fancy stuff on it, like for example loading tons of javascript files eventhough you only need one function from like having those fancy effect

Compress the CSS / Stylesheet and Javascript files used

If you’re using lots of javascript on your wordpress powered site, no matter what the reason is. Try compressing the Javascript and CSS / Stylesheet used. You can compress your javascript easily using various free online / offline javascript compressor. Btw i’ve already post about it before.

As for the CSS files, you can try removing the comment on the stylesheet directly using your favorite text editor such as notepad. Or you can try using various shareware or freeware css editor.

Enable GZip Compression

Fortunately WordPress already have a built in function to compress your webpage using GZip compression. It’s under Options -> Reading .. and of course if your site visitor using a gzip compatible browser, they can access your site much faster. And if you want to check how big your page size is (including external files, script used on your blog, etc) you can go to this page.

Use required plugins only

That means only use the required wordpress plugins on your site without anything else and this goes especially for the new blogger that use WordPress as their blogging platform. As a side note, if your site get lots of visitors daily, you might try using WP-Cache plugins on your blog.

Forget about those blog ranking image

If you have already visit this site before, i’m sure you’ve seen some of those in my blog. Although it’s great to see how your blog performing on the internet but there’s one drawback. Because it is using remote image (image that’s stored on somewhere else not on your site), if the server those image stored is not available, it’ll slow down your site. (trust me every blog ranking image that is used on this blog before, has a downtime issue for several times and because of this issue it makes my site slow)

Enable Object Cache

By default wordpress 2.0.4 / 2.0.5 doesn’t enable object cache, but you can enable it easily by adding these lines at your wp-config.php files to enable object cache :

define(‘ENABLE_CACHE’, true);

and to set it’s expiration time you can add this line :


the number define how many seconds before the wordpress cache expire. Btw by using these, it have succeed on reducing the number of queries used on my blog here, although when enabled at the first time it gives you a high queries usage, but the next time you open that page, the number of queries used will be decreased (if it’s for me the queries used on homepage, decreased by 16).

Okay that’s all for website optimization tips … see ? direct and to the point unlikemy previous writing style :D


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  1. Hello, I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, Your blog looks awesome, I’ll be back :)

  2. Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from? Did you type it yourself or you copy it from elsewhere?

  3. I use a registry cleaner on my Windows Vista Computer. I run it about once a month and my computer seems to run pretty fast. I started using a registry cleaner on my first Windows XP computer. A friend recommend I use it when I complained that my computer was slow and I couldn’t find any viruses or spyware. It speeded up my computer and I have been using one ever since.

  4. Changing to a better hosting could be a good option too. Thanks for your suggestions, will give my blog about registry cleaning a fix too.

  5. this software looks cool i will have to try it out because my pc is running a little slow at the moment. Cheers.

  6. I believes its not automatically delete the expired cached (but i could be wrong) .. although if its for me, i never deleted any cached object because the cache file is small :-)

    or maybe you could try using the WordPress Cache Inspect plugin to check / clean up the cached object (as a note im using it here)