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Today i just configured my computer primary dns and secondary dns to use the free DNS services from OpenDNS, for those who didn’t know OpenDNS is a free DNS services to make internet browsing much safer, faster and smarter. And now i’m going to describe what does safer, faster and smarter mean.

Safer, everytime you try to visit an unknown phishing site, OpenDNS will block your access to that site immediately without requiring further interaction with your browser. And that means there’s no need for you to use other program to detect phishing site.

Faster, most DNS servers on the Internet are slow. Your computer uses DNS every time you visit a website or send an email, so you want DNS to be blazing fast. Two things make DNS really fast: a big cache and a good network. That’s what they said .. although i don’t really feel the difference between using my own internet provider DNS and the OpenDNS services. I do like the Smarter function from OpenDNS

Smarter, OpenDNS make corrections for common spelling mistakes, on the fly. That means when you are typing fast and type yahoo.cmo instead of you still get there. No annoying pop-ups or evil spyware installed because you made a typo. And this is what i really like it from them, because i often make spelling mistak (i think you’ve already seen one here).

Okay the conclusion is, if you often make mistake like me, you should try OpenDNS, unless there’s some other factor in your decision. Anyway if you want to use the OpenDNS services, you can use it right away without requiring registration and such stuff. Because all you have to do is change your Primary DNS and Secondary DNS address into OpenDNS primary dns address and it’s secondary dns address at :

OpenDNS Primary :
OpenDNS Secondary :

That’s all folks :D


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2 comments on “Free DNS services from OpenDNS

  1. you can get good hosting from,

    – Hostgator (this is the one that im using right now)
    – Dreamhost (almost an unbelievable offer) but i dont really trust it
    – Media Temple (i want to move into this one .. maybe someday)
    – Godaddy (really big storage at extreme price and i’ve been there before moving into hostgator) because they dont provide required tools (such as error logs, etc)

    But one thing for sure is dont use 1&1 .. (try searching for it on the internet) ..

  2. hi we thank u for visiting our site, we liked your suggestion about opening our own hosting site but the thing is its too many offers we dont know which is well trusted i saw the 1&1 internet inc. they the cheap offer for beginners…. any suggestion? we dont really wanna spend too much coz we dont know how it works….. i kinda hopin you’l give as any advise about it… ty very much in advance and one again thanks….. oh and ps. ur site is awesome we like it