Why you shouldn’t trust jobs listed on Blog

Most of you maybe already seen some blogger site offering job or give some information about job opening, and should you trust that site ? or just ignored it ? Well for some people, they really think they can get a real job from some site like that. Yeah, although it’s good to share some job information like that, if it’s for me, i’d rather find it on the internet or go to the official site of the company itself (if there’s any).

Okay to be detailed, here’s the main reason why you shouldn’t trust site like that :

Domain Name

Do they use a real domain name and not using a subdomain from free service ? Because if they are using a free subdomain from free blogging service, there’s no way you can trust them. Why did i say this ? because if they use a free subdomain that means they’re not paying anything and they (the blog author) just want to get money for their site by simply displaying advertisement on his/her page and getting more backlink to his/her primary site or blog and that means more pagerank for his primary site. If they’re really serious about telling anyone about job opening at some company they should get at least a domain name first to look more professional.

Check for response from the blog author

Have you tried contacting the blog author by email and ask a more detailed aboutand if you do, did you get a reply from them ? even if they get thousand of email if they’re truly good and honest person, they’ll answer you in one day .. as a side note, i’ve tried emailing Problogger (one of the most well known blogger on the internet) once (that’s my first email to him) .. and he did reply to me in just one day.

Find it on the internet

Yeah .. this is internet, everyone can find anything they want easily. Beside if you check it carefully, all they do is just re-posting jobs opening from various site on the internet, local newspaper, etc. So why not using the same trick they use ? by the way if you don’t want to spend money to buy a local newspaper, then why not joining online job finder site ? to get your desired job listing.

Check their site traffic

Yeah this is the simple thing to do and i can assume most of you know how to see their site (blog) traffic easily, so i’m not going to tell them here.

Okay with the above reason, you can see why you shouldn’t take a job listed on blog seriously, because most of them are just a simple copy paste from another job finder site. And if you need to look for job related for blogger you can see it on some trusted site like Problogger and Performancing and many other site (note: i’m not giving link because i don’t want you to think i’m affiliated with them)

As a side note, don’t you ever put your contact info or personal info on their page especially if your contact info or personal info can be read by everyone who read that blog.


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