Thinking of getting a new computer

I’ve been thinking on buying a new pc .. um .. not a new pc actually but it’s more to upgrade the current peripheral because it’s getting old. Unfortunately i’m still confused on what should i buy next, especially the processor and motherboard .. should i go with Intel Core Duo E6300 or should i go with Athlon64 X2 Socket 939 or AM2 as the processor (with the same or low price compared to Core Duo E6300) ?

well although the only difference between the Socket 939 and AM2 is the AM2 socket can handle DDR2 Memory .. but because of that too, i’m getting confused because that means i’ll have to upgrade my current 1 GB DDR memory .. and of course i must upgrade the current Graphic Card into PCI Express, because its still using the old AGP slot .. Although the AM2 giving you more power than the 939 Socket, but the price itself is still high (maybe because it’s still new). Well i think i should wait a little bit more to decide on what i should buy next.


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5 comments on “Thinking of getting a new computer

  1. At first i want to get 939 too, but because i dont use my computer to play games (not anymore since few months ago) .. i decided to get a high class processing power :D

    btw i prefer to use my current CRT because .. i dont have enough money to get LCD .. lol

    btw the only think i can think of right now is :

    – getting DFI Mobo that’s already support AM2 socket (the cheapest AM2 mobo i can find is DFI the other mobo cost for about $200 ++ )
    – sell current DDR1 to buy a DDR2 Ram
    – sell current AGP Card to get a low end PCI Express Card
    – get a low end X2 AM2 Processor

    actually the hard part is to get someone to buy my DDR1 Ram and my precious AGP card .. lol .. as for the computer case, i think my current case already sufficient although it’s just a generic case and generic psu (i already blow 2 brand name psu, Enlight and Enermax)

    ah .. well .. i think i should wait for the price to drop to the lowest price possible (especially the GPU and Processor) .. beside its still going to take some time because i have to upgrade almost every important part of my computer :(

  2. if u want bargain, then use 939, it is cheap now. WHen i buy my 3800+, cost $300, now for the same money, i think u can get i 5000+.
    Nevertheless, just invest on good LCD, good mother board (the best one might only cost $200), good casing. You will be happy! ;)

  3. Well actually i was thinking of getting X2 939 but since there’s new AM2 socket which is using DDR2 based memory card, i’ll have to spend more money .. and yeah you’re right, i think i’ll wait for vista to launch and use it on my current computer first ;)

  4. btw, X2, i use X2 3800, for current moment, i say go with intel. intel is winning now, but we will see what would happen next. ;)