List of Useful Extension for Firefox 2.0

Ever since Mozilla Firefox 2 has been released to the public (i mean the stable version not release canditate, beta, alpha, etc of course) .. i have changed many extension installed on my Firefox, mainly not because the previous 1.5.x extension is no longer supported but because there’s other similar tool that does the same thing. As a side note, i’ll only list the newly installed extension on my Firefox because i’ve already post most of the useful firefox extension before, so try read my previous post about the recommended firefox 1.5 extension first before reading this because most of them can be used on Mozilla Firefox 2.0 as well.

  • ChatZilla : This extension usefull for those who don’t want to use another program to chat on IRC based protocol, and that means you can chat using your Mozilla Firefox brower without the need for external application.
  • FireBug : This extension only useful for web developer because you can debug your Website easily for javascript errors, etc.
  • IE Tab : With this extension, you can see how the current page you’re viewing displayed on Mozilla Firefox renderer using Internet Explorer engine, and of course this is very useful for Web developer. Because you can see how your page looks on Internet Explorer without the need to run Internet Explorer first. Other than that this extension also quite useful for non developer.
  • Modify Header : Yet another HTTP Header modification tools integrated into Mozilla Firefox. As a side note you can spoof almost any related HTTP Header sent from your browser using this extension. Although it require you to know about HTTP Header first.
  • Search Status : This extension has the same function like Alexa Toolbar combined with Google Toolbar, for example this extension can gives you the current Google Pagerank and Alexa Rank of currently displayed website, but just i said before, this extension has the same function like Alexa Toolbar and that means … this extension behave like Alexa Toolbar too (hint: SEO Specific) but this extension run on Mozilla Firefox not Internet Explorer.
  • SEOpen : Yet another Mozilla Firefox extension for SEO, it can perform many SEO Related tasks such as displaying backlink to current page / site viewed using various Search Engine like Google, MSN and Yahoo, displaying Alexa Traffic, etc. With the exception this extension does not behave like Alexa Toolbar or Search Status.
  • Stumble Upon : I forgot to put this into my previous recommended Firefox extension list, btw Stumble Upon is another social bookmarking site like, but this one gives it users ability to rank the page viewed like Digg.
  • DNSStuff Toolbar : With this toolbar, you can use various service from DNSStuff to Whois domain name, check ip address, and many more easily.
  • Servstats :  ServStats is a Firefox extension that lets users share statistics about web server connectivity and diagnose network failures.
  • ErrorZilla Mod : What this extension does is simply, adds an image to the error page for down domains, along with some helpful buttons: “Try Again,” “Google Cache,” “Coralize,” “Wayback,” “Ping,” “Trace,” and “Whois.”
  • InfoLister : Need to simplify thing to create list of your installed Mozilla Firefox extension ? then you should use this extension :P

Okay that’s all about it, if i find another useful Firefox extension i’ll update this post or create another post (more likely i’ll create another post because i was to lazy to edit current post) :P


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