Is it necessary to use Bandwidth Monitoring program ?

It seems a lot of queries came to my site because there’s some people searching for free bandwidth monitor software to monitor their internet usage, and i know about this stuff because i’m still using quota / bandwidth based internet usage too. At first i was using some bandwidth monitoring program like many others, but at later time i know that bandwidth monitor is completely useless. Because your internet provider bandwidth / internet usage statistic may differ from your bandwidth monitoring program.

Why did i say this ? because i’ve tried many bandwidth monitoring program, not to mention my firewall also use a bandwidth monitoring too. But in the end, your ISP always stick with their own statistic or bandwidth monitoring software, even if you can prove that you’re not exceeding your monthly bandwidth / quota by showing them your internet usage statistic from your bandwidth monitoring program. And trust me they’re going to tell you something like this to prove that their statistic software is not wrong :

  • Your computer may have been infected by some unknown virus that send a lot of Ping Flood / DDOS to unknown site
  • I’m sorry but we can’t trust your statistic software or bandwidth monitoring program because the results can be modified easily by yourself
  • Although you may say you’re not using your internet connection, someone else in your house (your wife, sister, brother, uncle, etc) is using your internet connection.
  • and many other reason

So in the end, what you should do is always checking your internet usage daily on your ISP Website. Because no matter what the results is the one who has power always win. And in this case your ISP will always win. Anyway this article got nothing to do with someone who has an unlimited internet connection, but if it’s for someone like me who’s still using a limited internet connection your best bet is check your internet usage at your ISP website daily instead of trying to use different bandwidth monitoring program ;)


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