Error Code 0x81000306 from Live Messenger

It’s been 2 days since i can’t login using the official Windows Live Messenger 8.0.x and 8.1 beta to connect through their IM Service, i thought at first there’s something wrong with my pc or because of internet connection problem. Because error code 81000306 from MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger means there’s connection problem, and can be caused by various factor such as :

  • Timeout while connecting to Messenger Service and that means you have problem with your internet connection
  • Firewall blocking access to Messenger Service, and in order to fix it you must allow access to MSN Messenger Service, but because i’ve already done this by allowing access through port 1863 and previously i can connect without problem that means this isn’t the case for me

And because of that problem, i try to use other IM Client to connect into my msn account and surprisingly i can connect without problem when using Gaim (this is my favorite IM client if there’s something wrong with web based client or official client) as my WLM client. Because i haven’t found the solution to fix the WLM problem, i think it’s best for me to use Gaim until i can found the solution to that problem :D

So you just installed WordPress .. what’s next ?

Okay .. you just installed WordPress into your webhost, and you’re wondering what you should do with your wordpress next after installing it. Should you promote it directly into your friends, family or even put it in your MySpace profile ? or you’re going to make sure everything is works as it should ?

Maybe that’s one of the most frequently asked question by you, especially for those that’s still new into the magnificent world of wordpress .. um .. i mean blogging using wordpress of course :D .. Although the installation process of WordPress is easy, problem may occur if you’re not configuring everything first, because you’ll never know what’s going to happen to your blog in the future

And that’s why i’m going to tell you what you should do after installing wordpress into your host. Actually i decided to post this because i just set up another wordpress powered site for my friend and think it’d be good to share this basic info :)


How to get visitors to your blog

The most frequently asked question on various forum is how to get someone to read your blog. Of course there can be various answer to that question. For example the common answers to that question is :

  • Get other site to link to your blog
  • Submit your site to search engine and various free directories
  • Join blogging communities, or social networking site
  • Join various forum to promote your blog
  • Leave comment on other blog

Okay i think that’s cover it all because that is the common answers to that kind of question .. but which method do you think will perform best ? well i think it’s best for me to describe all the answers .. so you can decide by yourself which method is best for you :)


Images near Adsense Ads

I’ve seen several website using images near their adsense ads, although the Google team itself already said you can put images near your adsense ads as long as you put visible border between the adsense ads and the images. Because several people already emailed the adsense team and most of them got response like below from the google adsense team

You’re welcome to place images near the Google ads on your site. However, we ask that publishers not place misleading images near Google ads or use images that appear to be directly associated with the advertisers and their offerings. Such images may draw undue attention to the ads and prompt unintentional user clicks, thereby artificially inflating advertiser costs. As you may know, drawing undue attention to ads is in violation of our program policies, so we’re unable to approve the placement of all images next to Google ads. If you choose to experiment with placing images directly next to the ads, I’d strongly encourage you to maintain a visible border around the adunits to reduce the possibility of confusing users.

Some people said eventhough they have put visible border, Google Adsense team still asking them to remove the images from their site. Well i think i will take the safe route because i don’t want my adsense account get banned because of simple matter like this. But we’ll see about that in the future :D

Firefox Shortcut Key for URL Completion

Just in case someone didn’t know about this (because i always saw someone typing the full domain name manually instead of using the automatic url completion), im going to post it. Actually it just a simple keyboard shortcut to provide automatic url completion so you don’t have to type www and the domain extension such as .com, .net or .org in Firefox.

And here’s the shortcut key :

  • SHIFT + ENTER : Will automatically complete a .net domain, for example type reaper-x and then press shift + enter it’ll become automatically
  • CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER : Will automatically complete domain name using .org extension
  • CTRL + ENTER : Will automatically complete domain name using .com extension

That’s all .. simple isn’t it?

One Sitemap for Google, MSN and Yahoo

Recently those three major search engine are teaming up so the end users can benefit with just using one sitemap for that’s based on Sitemaps namespace definition. And that means you can save more space on your hosting, because with just using one sitemap, it’ll cover everything.

Unfortunately the MSN Livesearch team are a little bit slow about supporting this format because they want to test everything first before it’ll be available for public, and as you can see Yahoo Search Engine team already upgrade their search engine so it’ll support the new sitemap format right away, and that means you can try submitting your new sitemap format into Yahoo once again.

As for those who’s already using Google Sitemap, you don’t have to do anything else other than changing the xml namespace into the correct xml namespace from documentation. And as a side note, using sitemap doesn’t guarantee your page will be on top search engine result or getting listed on search engine. But it does help search engine to crawl your site properly.

Offline Browser Love My Site

While other blogs facing copyright problem because their feed got scraped by the sploggers, my site got lots of hits from various offline browser from Mac into Windows, and for those who didn’t know what offline browser is, here’s the short description about offline browser.

Offline browser is a program that can be used to save website / webpages into your harddisk / your computer as a whole or part so you can browse it anytime you want without using internet connection.

Although i didn’t know what is the main reason for them to use offline browser (hey there is various reason for this especially for those who’s not using broadband connection) .. but i’ll leave them as if nothing happened because they didn’t cause any problem with it :)

Good Old PC Games when you’re bored

Well if you don’t have anything to do right now other than browsing on the internet .. why not playing old pc games ? maybe it could bring back good memories from the past or maybe just to to make a revenge because you can’t finish those game when you’re still a kid .. anyway forget about that memories part and now i’m going to create a list of my favorite pc game in the past … although some of them are my all time favorite game :)

As a side note, some of these game are not free because it’s still licensed by the author /  company itself .. so you should do some research to find the it on the internet (and i’m not going to give you the link here) .. but i’m sure with a bit searching around the net you can find it easily


Pagerank 3 with 5 inbound Link

I just noticed yesterday, one of my website created for my friend few years ago has a pagerank of 3 (i’m not promoting it, doing some seo stuff, or submit it to search engine except ODP) .. and after searching for inbound link to my site using Google .. i can’t found any inbound link into that site, although i know that it’s listed on Open Directory Project so i think maybe Google has a problem yesterday.

But after trying to search again using MSN and Yahoo, it does found an inbound link to that site, and what makes me feel curious .. it only gives you 5 inbound link to that site .. and that result is came from Yahoo while MSN doesn’t give backlink result !?

So what does pagerank looks on a site exactly ? is it because of numerous backlink or something else ? well .. i don’t know about it but one thing i regret is .. i forgot the password and username to login into my own site !!!