Create your own Search Engine Using Google Custom Search Engine

Google recently just launched their new feature called Google Custom Search Engine and i must say that this is quite an interesting feature offered by Google. Because you can create your own search engine and get some volunteer to help you with your own search engine by adding new sites to get listed in your search engine.

Unfortunately there’s downside to this, because everyone can submit / add their site to your Google Custom Search Engine page without being approved by you (as the admin) first. Although you can delete the volunteer easily if you want to remove their entries from your search engine.

And if you want to see how this new feature from Google works or looks like you can visit my .:[ X ]:. MOD Search Engine page that is using this new Google feature (note: it was built using free templates from Open Web Design and after editing it within a really short time, i’ve upload it and made it to work right away .. so if you see an error message or something like that, tell me right away) .. okay ;) ..


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7 comments on “Create your own Search Engine Using Google Custom Search Engine

  1. wordpress already have their own search function and of course the wordpress search function would be better if your site hasnt been properly indexed by google .. but if you’re sure your site has been indexed by google (or most of your site content), then you can choose whether you want to use Google, Yahoo, or use the built in wordpress search function

    btw indo yah :D .. ah senangnya dapet pengunjung indo :)