2 Months Passed with Hostgator

I didn’t realize that it has been 3 months since i started blogging although at the first month i was still using the free wordpress.com account, and because i want more freedom .. i decided to go with real webhosting service at 15 August 2006 .. and my first website is using GoDaddy hosting plan (i like their price really) unfortunately it only last for a few days because GoDaddy server doesn’t return correct status header for my site.

And a few days later i found out there’s another cheap hosting service from LinkSky, and so i decided to move my site to them. Unfortunately everthing is not going so well, because within just 2 days after registration my account got suspended by them because my website was using to much resource (i believed this is caused because i was setting a strict modsecurity rules) :P , and they ask me to go into dedicated hosting plan .. but as you already knew that i’m not a rich guy, i can’t afford to get myself a dedicated server so i try to find another host at the same day … after researching for a good and reliable webhosting (with low price) i found Hostgator ..

At first i was afraid my site got suspended by hostgator too, because i’ve read several bad reviews about them .. but because i never trusted someone else opinion easily, i choose to use hostgator anyway. And i’m glad i choose them although their price rather expensive (it was USD $3 higher than my previous host and USD $6 higher than Godaddy) :P but because hostgator server was reliable, i think i don’t need to complain about them

Btw if you want to see my server uptime you can check it from here .. and it’s quite stable, right ? Hopefully i can stay with them for a long time because i was to lazy to moved into another host … mainly because i’m not using a high speed internet connection, and my monthly quota / bandwidth for internet access is only 2GB / Month …


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