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I’ve been wondering why do people want to pay someone to do some sort of Search Engine Optimization / SEO tricks for their site, even they’re ready to pay high / insane price just to get more traffic to their site. Even if they are not writing a good content within their site. Because no matter how many times you’re trying if you don’t write something good or giving something (for free) there’s no way you can get more visitors. And that’s why i decided to write a guide on how to get your site listed on search engine by doing everything by yourself just like me on my site here (without someone linking to my site when i built this site and in the other words i built it from the ground without depend on someone else to do the job for me) and that means everything is from the beginning since you own your domain name.

Get a domain name

First of all this is the most important stuff you should get before doing anything else. And why did i ask you to buy a domain name first instead of creating a free website somewhere ? well .. that’s a simple answer. Because if you own a domain name, no matter how many times you change your host / webhosting your name can be reached by your visitors easily. Unless the free webhosting allow you to use 302 / Temporary Redirect or 301 / Permanent Redirect then you’ll regret it later.

Get a hosting plan

Of course you’ll need to get a webhosting plan first if you want to start a website, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to use your website to make money, having fun, wasting time, test your knowledge on the real web stuff, etc. Because if you don’t own a webhosting then there’s no point for you to create a website, beside as everyone else know that free service can’t be trusted because they can change their policy anytime, anywhere as they like. Beside you can get cheap hosting easily nowaday. And of course cheap hosting means you’re using a shared hosting, but it doesn’t really matter if your website traffic is still low to medium. But if your website get alot of unique visitors daily, just make sure you’ve prepared to go into Dedicated Hosting Plan which is expensive (at least for me).

Write unique / good content

Although i’m not a SEO Expert but one thing i have learn so many things about website and such stuff since i built my first website in July (and bought this domain in August), the only thing that makes your site get indexed by search engine and goes into 100 results / less than 100 or goes to top 10 is your website content and i mean a unique content, because if you don’t have unique content there’s no way you can get your site on the top 100 search engine results. And make sure you’re using unique keywords too that describe your website content because if your site is still new, and you’re using common keywords there’s no way you can compete with a high ranking website. But make sure you’re using keywords that’s explain your site content very well.

Use proper title for your article

You have wrote unique article or an interesting information, but what good your article do if you don’t put the correct title for your article eventhough your site already listed on search engine ? No one will click on your site search result from the search engine, so make sure to use proper title.

Obey search engine rules / guidelines

I think you’ve seen many links on every web site that lead to their Terms of Service pages because most website using them including personal homepage too, but did you actually read them? i guess most of you didnt really care about it. Because if you did read website Terms of Service, Guidelines, etc. then there’ll be less spam on the internet. And that means do not try to use some sort of cloaking technique, creating doorway pages, etc that’s specifically designed to get high ranking for search engine not human visitors. Because if there’s someone know that you’re using dirty tricks to get high search engine position and report it to the respective search engine. You’ll lose everything you’ve done so far, because those search engine will ban and remove your site from their index. And double check to make sure that you’re not using hidden text on your site too as well.

Check your site using Lynx Browser

Most of you who are using some free website template, free CMS template, or design your page by yourself  should check your website first using Lynx the text browser and this is important because that’s how a search engine looks at your site. Search engine doesn’t care if you’re using a lot of images, flash, etc. because they only care for the text in the webpage itself (although the alt tag can explain it too but normal text is still better) and make sure that your webpage content section get viewed before anyother section on your website. Unfortunately Lynx can be difficult if you’re not used to it, but if you’re a Mozilla Firefox user there’s no need to worry about it because there’s a Mozilla Firefox extension that let you view a webpage like Lynx does. You can read about it in my previous post about the recommended Mozilla Firefox extensions list. As a side note, dont you ever try to use frame on your site, because search engine cant index your site properly if you use frame. But if you’re already using Lynx, you can view your webpages just like a search engine.

Creating a sitemap

Sitemap is usefull especially if you have a large website with a really deep link in your page, because it makes search engine able to crawl / index your old article much faster rather than normal crawling. So you can be sure your old article get indexed properly by search engine. But the sitemap i’m talking about is not a normal sitemap for your normal visitors (yeah search engine is not normal, they’re robot) but it’s a xml sitemap and standard text format sitemap. And to create the xml sitemap, you can use a free xml sitemap generator service or you can use a free php scripts that’s available on the internet (that’s only apply if you are using a php enabled webhosting) or you can use program to create a sitemap. And if you need to use a free online sitemap generator that’s free you can check the list here. And dont forget to create a sitemap account too as well at Google Sitemap or Yahoo Site Explorer

Submit your site into various directories

If you want to get listed on search engine faster, then you’ll need to get someone else page link to your page. But that doesn’t mean you can just make a temporary site just to create link to your site, because your other temporary site will have no value and search engine prefer site that has value or get indexed by the search engine regularly. Although there are various method to do this, the simple and easy way is search for a free web directory (preferable without reciprocal) but that’s depend on your decision. And here’s a list of good blog / web directories where you can submit your site for free, easy and of course they put a direct link back to your site but as a side note some of them are manually checking your website :

Blog Directories

Web Directories

Actually i want to post some more, but because you can find it easily on the internet and in this example is Digital Point Forums, then there’s no point for me to put it here .. note: blog / web directory from digital point are created by the forum users there, and most of the time they’re not requiring a link back .. and of course that’s a good options to choose

Finally Submit your site to Search Engine

After double / triple check everything, and you already sure that your site can get indexed properly by search engine. It is the time for you to submit to a search engine, although there’s no need for you to do this step if your site already listed on several well known site, because search engine will find a link to your site eventhough you didnt submit it manually. But if you’re the type that’s always want to make sure everything is done correctly, you can submit your site to various search engine manually.

And to make thing easier for you, here’s a list on where you should submit your website :

Although there’s alot of other minor search engine on the internet, but the most important search engine is only MSN, Yahoo, and Google … and they’re the only one that can send traffic to your site

And now what you should do when you’ve submitted your site .. of course .. always try to update your website content regularly, because search engine like website that get updated constantly.

As a final note, im not SEO Expert but everything here is based on my experience when i build this site, and it does works for me ;)


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  1. Useful post… I’m doing some of these and I know I have a lot more to do… :)
    Btw I shall be shortly nuking my site, not that I have my own domain.

  2. i thought this was a fairly simple but complete and legitimate exposition. i have a commerical service that would benefit from web exposure but know nothing really of much of this, so this helpful for me. thnx and peace