Pixel Shader / Hardware TnL Emulation

Because i’ve been getting alot of queries came into my site from search engine because there’s someone trying to find the Pixel Shader Emulator, i decided to post this .. well actually i’ve tried this freeware pixel shader emulator / hardware tnl (transform and lightning) in the past while im still using my old Nvidia GeForce 2MX to try out different 3DMark 01 test especially those involving pixel shader test, because GeForce 2 MX doesnt support pixel shader so the only way to do it is by using a freeware program called 3D Analyze (dunno if this still works right now, but it doesnt hurt to try, right ?)

What this program does is by emulating Hardware Transform and Lightning using your Processor power instead of using the Graphic Card power, and that means if you’re not using a powerfull processor then this program is not going to works as it should for you. For example what this program can do is, make your card looks as it’s already have pixel shader built in, fake your Graphic Card Identificatio (for example you’re using Nvidia Geforce, you can fake it so it’ll be detected as ATI .. although not all games can be fooled by this for example Dynasty Warriors 4 Extreme on PC because i’ve already tested this on my friends computer that’s using GeForce 4MX), and many more … so if you dont own a pixel shader capable card, or you just want to try out someting new .. you can use this program .. but you’ll need to remember that all the pixel shader emulation, and such stuff will be done from your Processor

By the way here’s information about this program quoted from their website :

3D-Analyze is a tool for transform and lightning hardware emulation. So it is very useful for running TnL games on video cards that have not on board dedicated circuits for TnL calculations (like all Voodoo, Kyro, some Radeon and older). It uses power of central processing unit to do emulation.

Hopefully this information can be usefull for you ;)


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    1. Pixelshader is not a software it is a hardware you cannot download however you can buy a new graphics card

    2. The best version to emulate graphics and improve is 2.36…………………… and the bestone to play games is 2.34

    3. hey guyz there is another software swiftshader alot better then 3danalyzer that can even emulate pixelshader 3 …………………….but the game becomes laggy ….for that lower the resolution and run in windowed mode……………..it runs great

  1. are you nuts.? why do you use an emulator with Nvidia 8 series VGA ,Geforce 8 series are the one of powerful series for playing games also it has already supported for windows vista with directX10 so it may not be your VGA trouble just check out other devices.!

  2. well I don’t know whether this work with Nvidia and ATI old VGAs but this software does not work with Intel extreme series VGAs so I am going to buy a Nvidia Geforce 6 series or high vga as soon as possible becasuse now I am tired to looking for damm emulators!!

  3. Great post! This is why I love blogging. Always something interesting to read, watch and enjoy. It keeps the mind active. Thanks, Amy x.

  4. People even you have extreme graphic card and getting the game very slow which means the emulator is unsupported that game you should try to research Compatibility on the Emulator you using and remember Emulator is type of tools that emulate your game it well divide the performance and depend on your rigs but still you well get LAG when the emulator it reach its Limit..Goodluck People!

  5. leave the poor guy alone! get off your lazy fat gamer/hacker asses and “Look the page over” or go to emuparadise lol i mean geeze….dont just beg

  6. hi,
    I am using 0.9.5 pcx2 emul.. and i have AMD 3200+ .nvidia XFX 8600 GT 512MB graphic card ,2GB of DDR-1 ram but i still not geting the proper speed of all games.WHY?

  7. Hi Reaper, can u tell me where I could download 3d analyze or pixel shader Version 1.4? or if u have one, can u send it for me? I’m begging u. .
    This is my email : [email protected]
    Im sorry 4 my bad grammar coz Im Indonesian

  8. Hi Reaper i read out all ur reviews and find it very interesting.Can u plz send me PS 2 Bios setting and can u plz tell me for Execellent Results of Ps 2 Emulator what is the computer Requirement.Waiting for ur reply.
    Plz send me the informations on my email ID.

  9. Hi Reaper i read out all ur reviews and find it very interesting.Can u plz send me PS 2 Bios setting and can u plz tell me for Execellent Results of Ps 2 Emulator what is the computer Requirement.Waiting for ur reply.

  10. the emulator works , but only problem is that my gpu FX5500 does not have a pixel shader . how do i use 3d analyze with pcsx2 emulator.I have tried to run nfs underground. Te game did play but the graphics was very bad.Please help.

    Thank you

  11. I didn’t work out for me. I’m using Pcsx2 to play DBZ : Budokai 3 but since it is in the ISO format, 3D Analyze doesn’t detect it. Looks like the only option left is to upgrade my graphics card.

  12. I love 3d analyze.amazingly programmed software for your hardware.I ran a dreamcast emu with it pretty decently.

    1. well actually i’ve posted the link to where you can download it by yourself (just in case you didn’t notice) :)