My Beloved Grandmother Passed Away

30 Minutes ago, i just received a telephone call from my family in Bandung and they says that my grandmother has passed away.

After hearing that shocking news, i feel uneasy because i have caused so much trouble in the past .. and i hope that she can forgive me .. because of this i think i’ll be away for a while …


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3 comments on “My Beloved Grandmother Passed Away

  1. Thanks timethief, well actually i feel guilty because i cant see her for the last time and because i have caused to much troubles for her in the past (i do hope that she can forgive me).. but i think that she can finally rest in peace now

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing. Please do not allow your feelings of guilt to cancel the memories of the good times you enjoyed with her because I am sure it was those good times that she treasured and that she didn’t even give the other times much thought at all. Guilt is a useless emotion but love has the power to change everything. Let your love for your grandmother rise to the top and think well of her, knowing that she loved you and would want this. Please accept my best wishes for you at this time of grief.