Step by Step to Configure your Domain Name with Google Hosted Email Account

I just received an email from someone at my country, and although it’s normal for you to received an email like that. But he did give me an interesting question, the first question is about a domain name and how to change the Zone in your domain name (because he want to use Google Hosted Email / Windows Live Domain service), and the second question is, not interesting to be read :)

And here’s an answer to his question :

How to change your Domain name zone :

The first thing to do is, check your registrar if they provide you with the required tool to edit your zone file. Because each registrar give unique name to their DNS Tool, the result may vary depending on your registrar.

But if you already sure, your domain registrar already provide you with the DNS Tool required, you can choose between the easy way or the hard way (although both of them are easy to understand). But it’d be best for me to put the easy way first :

  • The easy way to change your DNS without you editing them manually :

You can do this step easily if you already own a webhosting plan, but i’m pretty sure most of you already has your webhosting plan. And the first step to do it, first login into your registrar control panel, and set your domain Nameserver to your webhosting Nameserver. But i think you’ve already done that, right ? .. okay and the next step is if you want a Google Hosted Account Email to be used on your domain name

Sign up to the Google Hosted Account, and don’t forget to verify your domain ownership by doing one of these steps :

  • Put a HTML file in the root directory of your webserver
  • Edit your CName record in your domain control panel

I think the simple way is by putting the HTML verification file in your root / public_html directory but that’s depend on your choice

After doing the above steps and Google already verified it, the next step is copy the required Google MX Record into a text editor, after that go into your Hosting Control Panel (if it’s a CPanel go into EMail Configuration or something like that) and change the first MX Record of your current MX Record into the First Google / GMail MX Record and in this case is this one

The next step is email your webhosting support team, and ask them to change the change the other MX record of your domain name but don’t forget to give them the list the other Gmail MX Record (that’s why i ask you to put copy it into your favorite text editor first) and tell them to put this SPF Records

"v=spf1 ~all"

And you’re finished with the easy step .. as i side note, if you have a reseller account, you can do it easily using WHM ..

  • The hard way or whatever you called it

These steps can be used too, if you’re using a free DNS server

Like the easy step, after verifying your domain name for Google Hosted program. Go into your domain registrar control panel and edit the zone like this especially in the MX records :

Hostname : @
MX Records : [10] [20] [30] [40] [50] [60] [70]

Note : the number means Preferences

And to add the SPF Records, the first thing to do is ADD a TXT Records for your domain name like this :

"v=spf1 ~all"

And that’s it … you’re finished with your Google Hosted Email Account … hopefully you can understand it and it’ll be usefull for those who read it

As for the last thing to do is login into your Google Hosted Email and enable the POP3 option. And to use POP3 from your favorite email program you should use this address :

POP3 : /
Username : [email protected]

Username : [email protected]
Port : 587
Connection Type : TLS


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12 comments on “Step by Step to Configure your Domain Name with Google Hosted Email Account

  1. Exstremely lovely site. Very impressed about all the lesson there are to learn and to know how much help is there also. Keep up the great work

  2. Hello Yehudi :)

    If you’re sure you’ve already configured your hosted email address to be able to use the POP3 (by default all gmail, and hosted email cant access POP3) .. and still receiving error message

    try getting the GMail Tools (its available from Google although i forgot where i get the program) .. and look through the error message, optionally you can send it to Google team

    because i’ve experienced that problem too and it was caused by errors somewhere on Google Hosted account

  3. I have been able to configure may google hosted domain mail boxes in Outlook Express and AppleMail. Nonetheless I haven’t been able to make them work with Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007. When I do a send/receive it keeps on asking for the password showin a 0x080CCC92 error.

    In Outlook Express I’m using:
    requiere authentication port 995 port 465 ssl

    Any help will be much appreciated.

  4. Dont worry about it Venkatesh :)

    and yes the Google Apps will always be free, but just in case you want to increase your email storage quota you can always use their premier service (you’ll get 10GB email storage) lol

  5. Yes Reaper, I am using their DNS service purely and not their hosting service. Till now, I have not been charged, so I presume that the DNS service is free.

    Sorry for the delay in replying.



  6. does that mean you’re using their dns service ? or something else ? (i just checked their site and found that they’re also providing dns service too)

    anyway that’s good to hear that you’re domain is already up and running :)

  7. Well, what I did was register for an account with and then was able to make DNS entries and it is now up and running. :)

  8. Of course you can do it even without a webhost as long as your domain registrar gave you a full control of your domain name

    As for the step basically it’s the same like this but this time instead of using your webhost control panel (WHM) or asking your webhost to change your DNS name if you dont have access to edit Zone for your domain name. You just go to your registrar control panel and set your zone manually :)

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for this article, I was wondering what would happen if I just registered a domain and I have not hosted it ever. How would I be able to change all these things that you are asking me to do?

    Any help or suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!