Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure 2 in Windows XP

Okay, because there’s a lot of keywords came to my site from search engine because they’re keep getting an error message or garblage screen / incorrect display when they’re trying to play Twinsen 2 under Windows XP. Okay to fix it that’s depend on where did you get those Twinsen Game, but most of them are, an incorrect display / garblage screen when it’s played under Windows XP. And to fix this you must download patch for twinsen 2 game. You can get the unofficial patch for Twinsen 2 Game from my site or get it directly from the author site.

As a side note, if you’re using DOSBox to play Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure 2, then there’s no need to use that patch, because it can works fine even without that patch (i’m already tested this on my computer). But the only problem you may face if you’re using an illegal copy of Twinsen’s 2 Game on DOSBox is when you start Twinsen’s 2 game, it’ll ask you to insert the CD which obviously you don’t have it .. and the only solution for this is you’re going to need another *cough* patch, you can search for it on the internet.. or try asking … someone who know about it ;) .. note : its not that hard to find it .. because i already get those *cough* patch ..


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  1. Another LBA 2 fan here :P

    My story is next… About a year ago I downloaded the game and I also had the no-cd problem (It demanded the cd). But after few days of hard work I managed to get it work. I don’t know how-the-fuckin-way :P After that I wrote the game on cd, but I was stupid enough not to write there, how I got it work last time :( Now after a year I discover that I can’t get it working again and I have the same no-cd problem again. If anyone knows where to find working no-cd patch, then please, let me know :(

  2. i cant download from my college…can u please send it to me ? i really appreacitea .

    i LOVE this game so much ~!

  3. Hey, I have managed to get LBA2 to run in Dosbox but it asks me to insert the CD. Could you please give me a crack and some instructions on how to use it. I’m new to doing these things but I remeber how awesome this game was when I was younger. I am on Vista by the way. Thanks

  4. No instalen el juego en win xp
    solamente copien todo el cd a un directorio en el disco duro
    en ese directorio en el disco duro encuentra el subdirectorio twinsen
    entre en ese y has click en twinsen.exe y a jugar
    diviertanse y olvidense de cracks
    la mayor parte de los cracks en internet son troyanos

  5. Es muy simple
    En win xp no debes instalarlo
    Solamente copia el cd completo a un archivo en el disco duro
    Luego ingresa al subdirectorio twinsen
    Has click en twinsen.exe y a jugar
    Debes tener el cd en la lectora
    La solución es sumamente sencilla
    no se hagan mas problemas

  6. heyy!!
    i couldnt open the game, i downloaded no cd patch, but it doesnt work
    now the game doesnt want me to put the cd, but it also doesnt open, it shows the screen at the begining(twinsen and his wife), then quits from the game

    **sorry for my horrible english:$

  7. i have installed lba2 and im using dos box but when i applied the no cd patch it dont work for dos box only for the windows version but in windows version the screen dont look good and when i applied a good looking patch to win xp it say that i need the cd patch wtf

  8. well… i actually found the patch and was having a lot of fun playing up until the car part…what a downer!
    you have a fix (that works) for this problem?

    thank you!

  9. hey, im looking for that famous and o so hard to find no cd patch for LBA2.
    I saw you guys talked about it a lot, did you get it? can i get it to?
    plz link me if you know where to find.


  10. P.S. Am I the only person who actually purchased Twinsens Odyessy when it came out? I worked for weeks saving all my paper round money to buy the game, and in Australia it was almost impossible to find – I had to place it on special order!!

  11. Here’s a tip for those trying to get Twinsens Odyessy to run from Windows Vista x64: You need to get the graphics patch as mentioned, but you can’t run it from your local PC (not compatible with x64). You have two options:

    1) Install Twinsen on an XP machine, patch, then copy over to your Vista machine
    2) Run the patch from an XP machine by MAPPING A NETWORK DRIVE to your Twinsen install folder. DON’T run it any other way because the DOS program can’t interpret UNC paths (\\) and doesn’t like the Program Files (x86) folder.


  12. please please send me the no cd patch for lba 2, i can’t find it anywhere, and ive been trying for days to get it to work, then i came across your site, and found the other patch! and im almost there now.. get back to me! x

  13. Although i can run twinsen without problem (with or without DOSBOX) .. but i think it’d be best for you to try it by yourself :)

    btw maybe you should try using the unofficial LBA2 patch first

  14. hello reaper, i installed lba2 lastnight on xp but the picture is VERY pixalated and blury u cant c nething at all. i was wondering if DOSBOT would fix that problem

  15. thank u very much for your reply reaper i have finaly got LBA2 to work on vista and it works fine i download the patch from this site and download the no cd patch from an other and thay work fine too so thank for ur time and info it was well needed :)

  16. hello billy :)

    first of all im sorry if previously i didnt reply to your comment .. im sure i missed your comment (this is what happen if there’re a lot of comments posted at the same time) lol

    and to answer your question, since i dont have vista … i dont know if it’s going to work or not

    but your best bet is try to use DOSBox to run twinsen just like my previous suggestion to ACSlater

    if you can run DOSBox on Vista without problem im pretty sure twinsen can also run on vista too (since DOSBox is DOS emulator, that means the twinsen program is launched as / under dosbox process, in the simple words)

  17. reaper is it possible to run LBA2 on windows vista because im finding it kinda hard i sent u a comment about a week ago and i aint got a reply back please can u help me