Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure 2 in Windows XP

Okay, because there’s a lot of keywords came to my site from search engine because they’re keep getting an error message or garblage screen / incorrect display when they’re trying to play Twinsen 2 under Windows XP. Okay to fix it that’s depend on where did you get those Twinsen Game, but most of them are, an incorrect display / garblage screen when it’s played under Windows XP. And to fix this you must download patch for twinsen 2 game. You can get the unofficial patch for Twinsen 2 Game from my site or get it directly from the author site.

As a side note, if you’re using DOSBox to play Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure 2, then there’s no need to use that patch, because it can works fine even without that patch (i’m already tested this on my computer). But the only problem you may face if you’re using an illegal copy of Twinsen’s 2 Game on DOSBox is when you start Twinsen’s 2 game, it’ll ask you to insert the CD which obviously you don’t have it .. and the only solution for this is you’re going to need another *cough* patch, you can search for it on the internet.. or try asking … someone who know about it ;) .. note : its not that hard to find it .. because i already get those *cough* patch ..


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  1. aah .. original LBA ? im played that one too (actually i finished that game first before playing LBA2 but now i already finished them both) ;)

    btw im sure that because LBA 1 is a DOS game its compatibility with Windows XP is not that good, and thats the reason i choose to use DOSBox to run LBA and it works without problem (no sound problem too)

    maybe you should try using DOSBox too, and you can get it from

    as an addition, if you prefer to not use DOSBox maybe you can try using VDMSound from which is really useful to those who’s experiencing sound problem from their old games

    (ps.. dont worry both of them are free / open source)

  2. Ok,

    I actually got the game to work late last night, but I couldn’t get the sound to work. This wouldn’t be a bother, but i remember how cool the sound was, especially the sound effects. Do you know of a way to get that to work? Also, when i quit the game, it does not exit back to windows, it actually appears to freeze, but i will try and play around with that tonight when i get home, as maybe i can just alt+tab my way out. Thanks again for your help. I didnt know people still played this game.

  3. I’ve been trying to LBA working now for a few hours, but i can’t figure out whats wrong. If you could help me out, i would greatly appreciate it! I can even pay you if that would help

    Well actually you dont have to pay for anything beside im another fans of LBA series :)

    anyway have you tried running LBA2 using DOSBox (that means running the DOS version of twinsen2)? although i dont have problem running the Windows or DOS version

    note, eventhough you’re running the dos version the graphic itself is still look great in DOSBox

  4. Hi,

    I’ve been trying to LBA working now for a few hours, but i can’t figure out whats wrong. If you could help me out, i would greatly appreciate it! I can even pay you if that would help. I downloaded the game, and i downloaded a patch from a different website, but that didnt seem to work. Using LBAWin, i can only get through the very beginning screen (the Adeline screen with the horse picture on it). Again, any help would be appreciated.

  5. hi guys i have a problem thats on a far diffrent level from the rest of you guys i have windows vista core dual processer with a 538mb grathics card and a 32 ich LCD monitor thats great but when i wont to play little big adventure 2 the screen goes funny the sounds ok the movement is good but like i say the screen goes all funny plz i would love to know how to fix the problem

  6. which version you’re using ? is it the DOS version or Windows version ? and its the english version right ?

  7. Hi!

    I have the same problem.I downloaded this game a year ago but i cant get it work.

    Can you help me…?

  8. Hello Kati :)

    btw did you already found or own this game ? as for playing this game under win xp you can use DOSBox because it works perfectly for me (i prefer to use the DOS version instead) :D

  9. Hello Sendel i do have the original version but lost it at 1998 (IIRC) lol :)

    As for torrent, Im sorry but my host doesnt allow me to put illegal content here :(

  10. Hey, ya say ya love tha game bu ya don have it in original? ;>

    I got and I’m gonna try to make torrent from iso. It ain’t so big jus bout 430 MB

    Can I count on ya, Reaper-X?
    I mean whn i finish i wan ya to place this torrent (jus bout 40KB) here.

    OK? ;)