Guide to Copy Protect your Audio CD

Many of you already has a CD Writer to burn your audio files and give / share it with your friend. But did you know that you can also protect those Audio CD so your friend can’t distribute / sell it to other (at least for the not tech savvy user) ? Well .. if that’s what you can try using a free Audio CD Copy Protection software available on the internet. The exact method to burn it is rather confusing especially for those who’s not familiar to image creating from CD. But if you already knew how to burn an audio cd and creating iso image from cd / dvd, you can read this guide on how to copy protect your audio cd

The first step is you must already have this program available / installed on your beloved Windows computer :

  • CloneCD : It’s a shareware program from (at first) and now it’s a Slysoft Products .. as a side note i was using the original CloneCD from when i’m using this copy protection but i think the SlySoft CloneCD will works too (just let me know if it’s doesn’t work for you’s doesn’t.hurt to try something new, right ?)
  • CAP : Clone Audio Protector which is an old program since 2002 if i recall correctly
  • and of course the last program is your favorite CD Burning Program, for example Nero Burning ROM or other CD Burning program
  • Optional : If you don’t want to waste your Blank CD, i suggest you download Daemon Tools too .. and another copy protection software at the bottom of this guide if you’re already familiar with copy protection / cd stuff ;)

Note: You must have the CloneCD and CAP first before continue because it’s not going to work without those programs. And just like i said before you must already know how to burn an audio cd using your program and create image files using CloneCD

  • The first step is Create a compilation of your audio cd (yes, this is important because what are you going to protect if you don’t burn it first). But don’t forget to give a small space to insert the copy protection into the cd

Note: If you are using Nero and has Daemon Tools or Nero Image Drive, choose to save it as Image instead of burning it directly into a blank cd .. so you don’t waste your precious blank cd. And you can do it by choosing Image Recorder as the Recorder in the Nero Recorder Dialogue and after Nero finished create the CD Audio Image, mount it using Daemon Tools or Nero Image Drive

  • After mounting the cd audio image into the virtual drive, run CloneCD and choose to create a CD Image from the mounted audio cd image
  • Wait until CloneCD finished creating the CD Image in CCD format, and then run CAP and open the created CCD image using CAP and choose the appropiate time (i’m usually using 30 Seconds at the end of the Audio CD) but that’s depend on the free space given when you’re creating your audio cd at the first step .. and don’t forget to press PROTECT (just in case you didn’t / forget to press that important button) :P
  • After another waiting time, it’s time to run the CloneCD again and this time you’re going to burn it into a blank cd directly unlike before … and wait untill the burn process complete .. and you’re finished creating a homemade audio cd copy protection

And another note :

Dont forget to test your copy protected audio cd first using a CD Player before distributing it (just in case you want to sell it) .. and if you’re already familiar with the above steps you can try using CCD-Lock to protect your audio cd too .. and actually this CCD Lock is my favorite program because you can do another neat thing :)

Here’s the download link for CCD Lock

Hopefully this guide can be usefull for those who want to copy protect their cd :)


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24 comments on “Guide to Copy Protect your Audio CD

  1. Hello!
    Thank you for posting this, I really need it. But I have a problem. I tried to test the copy protected audio cd using our cd player. It plays perfectly but only for 30 seconds. I want all the songs to play. Please help me.
    Thank you!

  2. CAP and others like it will make the CDDA unplayable in newer players as well (CD/DVD/BD etc) they will only work on old standard CD players that most people no longer use. C-Prot CDDA works on all players see:

  3. I’ve tried to download clone audio protector from torrent sites but they do not have it. Even google cannot give me the trial. Please inform me of how to get it and give me instructions on how to use ccd lock. My email is [email protected]

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  6. you couldnt agree more, myself, but not everyone is as clever as you seem to be. Or as you seem to be! HA! :-p
    meself look forward to reading more in dha future.

  7. how i can create a lock on my video cd(.dat) when i wanna write(burn) it that nobody is able to copy (cd-cd or copy to harddrive)it???????????
    pls guide me(emergency request!)

  8. anyone could you please email the installation file for ccd lock.i’m having a hard time downloading it.and if you could, please email me a
    link to the old clone dvd that REAPER X was writing about.thanks a million… email is: [email protected]

  9. hey guys,
    anyone of you know how to protect VCD from copying disc-disc and from disc to hardisk, i have read lots of article but could not found any …..thanks

  10. Hey Guys, I have used CCDlock, all it does it changes the PMIN on the CCD, and puts the AMIN to 0, you can also manualy do it.

    I believe if you are looking for one app to it look for WTM CD protection, it is FREE for Audio Protection, I used it once it works fine

  11. well i tried the CloneCd and the CAP
    with mounted images .

    but when i put the Audio Cd on the Computer it’s shows a one track ..while on the CD it’s not.

    the thing is i want them to be several tracks but protected…

    i’ll be thankfull if u helped .

  12. i have followed the steps you have shown (i’m using 30 Seconds at the end of the CD)and have burn with Clone CD version 5 but the resulting disc can
    be played on Windows media player and other players for approximately 30 seconds.Even
    on a CD Player it plays for the same duration of time.Also the songs can be rip.
    i have also burn using Alcohol(trial version) and have got the same resuts.
    Lastly,i have use CCD-Lock and there is no protection whatsoever on the CD.Using
    Isobuster one can see that there is only one session and hence there is no modification on the CD.i have also burn using Alcohol(trial version) but it says there is no space on the disc.i think the only solution to these problems is to
    use the old version clone cd.Can you please put the old version clone cd on your website.

  13. Most probably you’re using the recent clone cd version, hm .. the only solution that i can think of is using the old clone cd version or maybe you can try using Alcohol to burn it and see if its worked for you or not

  14. hey, i’m having trouble burning the protected image file. i can create the image and protect it using ccd lock but when i try to burn it using clone cd it doesn’t work. a box pops up with three options. reguardless of which option i selct, another box pops up saying that it can’t burn because it detects that the ccd file was edited. do you have a solution for that??

  15. hey man i am having a hard time with clone cd and i do know how to make an image, but clone cd will not let me do any. i have the new version. can you help me out? Thank man