WordPress offer Domain Mapping feature

It seems that the free wordpress account at WordPress.com now can use their new Domain Mapping feature with just $10 / year if you already registered your domain elsewhere. But if you don’t have a domain name, you can also buy it from them for $15 .. at first i was interested on using it ..

but because they prefer the no-www version of your domain name as you can see right here and here , i decided not to use it :P .. yeah i know that’s just a simple reason but as you can see right here .. i prefer to use www version of my domain name ..

for example try typing http://reaper-x.com and you’ll see you’ll get redirected automatically to http://www.reaper-x.com but in wordpress.com no matter what your preference is, you’ll get redirected automatically to the non-www version .. but that’s depend on your domain name actually .. if it’s for me www.reaper-x.com looks best :P …

Create your own Search Engine Using Google Custom Search Engine

Google recently just launched their new feature called Google Custom Search Engine and i must say that this is quite an interesting feature offered by Google. Because you can create your own search engine and get some volunteer to help you with your own search engine by adding new sites to get listed in your search engine.

Unfortunately there’s downside to this, because everyone can submit / add their site to your Google Custom Search Engine page without being approved by you (as the admin) first. Although you can delete the volunteer easily if you want to remove their entries from your search engine.

And if you want to see how this new feature from Google works or looks like you can visit my .:[ X ]:. MOD Search Engine page that is using this new Google feature (note: it was built using free templates from Open Web Design and after editing it within a really short time, i’ve upload it and made it to work right away .. so if you see an error message or something like that, tell me right away) .. okay ;) ..

2 Months Passed with Hostgator

I didn’t realize that it has been 3 months since i started blogging although at the first month i was still using the free wordpress.com account, and because i want more freedom .. i decided to go with real webhosting service at 15 August 2006 .. and my first website is using GoDaddy hosting plan (i like their price really) unfortunately it only last for a few days because GoDaddy server doesn’t return correct status header for my site.


Tips to get higher / better rank in Technorati

I think most of you already know about Technorati .. and that means i don’t have to explain it any further, but i’ll tell you some tips or tricks or whatever you called it to get better rank in Technorati, this tricks does extremely well and i’ve been using it since i discover this a while ago (well i was playing around since i got bored) .. anyway here’s the trick


Do it yourself Search Engine Optimization / SEO Tips

I’ve been wondering why do people want to pay someone to do some sort of Search Engine Optimization / SEO tricks for their site, even they’re ready to pay high / insane price just to get more traffic to their site. Even if they are not writing a good content within their site. Because no matter how many times you’re trying if you don’t write something good or giving something (for free) there’s no way you can get more visitors. And that’s why i decided to write a guide on how to get your site listed on search engine by doing everything by yourself just like me on my site here (without someone linking to my site when i built this site and in the other words i built it from the ground without depend on someone else to do the job for me) and that means everything is from the beginning since you own your domain name.

Get a domain name

First of all this is the most important stuff you should get before doing anything else. And why did i ask you to buy a domain name first instead of creating a free website somewhere ? well .. that’s a simple answer. Because if you own a domain name, no matter how many times you change your host / webhosting your name can be reached by your visitors easily. Unless the free webhosting allow you to use 302 / Temporary Redirect or 301 / Permanent Redirect then you’ll regret it later.

Get a hosting plan

Of course you’ll need to get a webhosting plan first if you want to start a website, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to use your website to make money, having fun, wasting time, test your knowledge on the real web stuff, etc. Because if you don’t own a webhosting then there’s no point for you to create a website, beside as everyone else know that free service can’t be trusted because they can change their policy anytime, anywhere as they like. Beside you can get cheap hosting easily nowaday. And of course cheap hosting means you’re using a shared hosting, but it doesn’t really matter if your website traffic is still low to medium. But if your website get alot of unique visitors daily, just make sure you’ve prepared to go into Dedicated Hosting Plan which is expensive (at least for me).

Write unique / good content

Although i’m not a SEO Expert but one thing i have learn so many things about website and such stuff since i built my first website in July (and bought this domain in August), the only thing that makes your site get indexed by search engine and goes into 100 results / less than 100 or goes to top 10 is your website content and i mean a unique content, because if you don’t have unique content there’s no way you can get your site on the top 100 search engine results. And make sure you’re using unique keywords too that describe your website content because if your site is still new, and you’re using common keywords there’s no way you can compete with a high ranking website. But make sure you’re using keywords that’s explain your site content very well.

Pixel Shader / Hardware TnL Emulation

Because i’ve been getting alot of queries came into my site from search engine because there’s someone trying to find the Pixel Shader Emulator, i decided to post this .. well actually i’ve tried this freeware pixel shader emulator / hardware tnl (transform and lightning) in the past while im still using my old Nvidia GeForce 2MX to try out different 3DMark 01 test especially those involving pixel shader test, because GeForce 2 MX doesnt support pixel shader so the only way to do it is by using a freeware program called 3D Analyze (dunno if this still works right now, but it doesnt hurt to try, right ?)


Google Enhanced Image Search and Google Image Labeler

I just found out another Google tool called Google Enhanced Image Search and Google Image Labeler when i logged in into my Google Sitemap account. Basically this google tool allowed you to label an image after that image has been indexed by Google Enhanced Image search ..

yeah i know that it’s not very usefull especially if you’re not using alot of images on your site like me (i prefer speed and content rather than visually appealing site or putting unnecessary images) .. but it’s still a good idea to get your image get indexed by Google, so what are you waiting for ? just logged in into your Google Sitemap account and opt in to enable the Google Enhanced Image Search for your site

Step by Step to Configure your Domain Name with Google Hosted Email Account

I just received an email from someone at my country, and although it’s normal for you to received an email like that. But he did give me an interesting question, the first question is about a domain name and how to change the Zone in your domain name (because he want to use Google Hosted Email / Windows Live Domain service), and the second question is, not interesting to be read :)