Accessing Windows Live Mail account using Thunderbird

Well actually i’ve post about this in my early article about retrieving POP3 access in Yahoo Mail or similar web based email (although i didn’t describe it properly). But it seems it’s already forgotten, so im going to post, on how to retrieve your Windows Live Mail account using your Mozilla Thunderbird (since i don’t use Outlook, so you’ll have to find another way to retrieve your Windows Live Mail / Hotmail Account). But i think it’s okay if i put it in here ..

And here’s the step :

  • Download WebMail Extension for Thunderbird
  • Download the Hotmail Component for WebMail Extension
  • and don’t forget to install it after you”ve finished downloading it and restart thunderbird

After finished restarting Thunderbird, open the Hotmail component option from the Thunderbird extension page, and configure it like screenshot below :

Webmail to POP3 - part 1

Webmail to POP3 - part 2

As for the next step, you’ll need to open your account properties under server settings and set the POP3 server into : localhost and the username is using [email protected] and don’t forget to do the same to the SMTP server settings too … and that’s about it .. you’re finished .. :)


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3 comments on “Accessing Windows Live Mail account using Thunderbird

  1. Hi guys, if you are having problem to configure your Windows Live Hotmail (Beta) in the Thunderbird, e-mail me to: [email protected].

    I found out how to configure the Beta version of Hotmail, so i didn’t have time to share how to make it in the web, so for while mail me please. This way is to receive only, if you want to configure to send e-mails you must to use another server, but it’s not a problem.

    Note: the steps that you will find in the web are only for the classic version of Hotmail” so you can configure your Hotmail Beta without change to classic Hotmail layout.