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After using Mozilla Firefox for a long time, i haven’t post a single article about the most recommended Mozilla Firefox extension list .. but since you can find such article on the net easily, i’m going to post about my favorite list of Mozilla Firefox extension including it’s description in my own description not the author description. Unfortunately most of the extensions i’m currently using (which is my favorite extension) is not going to be interesting for most people except for several people. But you can judge it by yourself if it’s a usefull extension or not ;)

  • Advanced Dork : One of the most usefull extension to discover the potential from Google Search Engine to search to web
  • Ai Roboform : This extension is good for someone who likes to visit website that use some sort of registration / login mechanism like forum, etc. Because this extension can remember your password and can fill web based form automatically so you don’t have to type again (except in some case) .. unfortunately the free version can only remember 10 password or less
  • All in one sidebar : This is a sidebar extension to replace the default Mozilla Firefox sidebar into an all in one sidebar so it’s reduce the clutter on your sidebar (especially for those who like to use the Mozilla Firefox sidebar)
  • BBCodeXtra : If you like to visit forum, you might like this extension because it can help you alot like formatting your text for example
  • CookieSafe : This extension can control which cookie are allowed to go into your computer, so you can guarantee that there’s no tracking cookie goes to your computer
  • CustomizeGoogle : This extension can customize how Google Search Engine looks, for example automatically remove Google Ads from the search result, etc
  • Download Status Bar : If you like to download files from web (using Mozilla Firefox browser of course) and want to control / monitor your downloaded files. This is the solution, because you can go to the downloaded folder automatically, beside if you’re downloading something from the internet this extension will automatically show the current status in the Mozilla Firefox status bar so there’s no need to use the default Mozilla Firefox download status window / tab anymore
  • DownThemAll! : Another extension for those who like to download something from the internet … this extension acts like a real download manager program, you can use multiple connection to download one files so it can be transferred much faster into your computer, etc … because most of you already use a download manager so you can use this tools without problem
  • EM Menu : With this extension, you can access other Mozilla Firefox extension option easily … simple isn’t it ?
  • Execute JS : This extension can let you execute javascript easily … but i think you already know that by it’s name, right ?
  • Extension Manager Extended : For those who has alot of extension installed, this extension allow to manage all of those extension easily. This extension allow you to look at the other installed extension ID easily so if there’s a problem with your installed extension and you can’t delete / uninstall it from the Mozilla Firefox interface, you can use this tool to find the extension ID and delete it manually
  • Firefox Showcase : By pressing SHIFT+F12 you can see all the open tab in your Mozilla Firefox browser and navigate easily between tab … that’s it …
  • FireFTP : If you want a free and simple FTP Client to transfer files easily in your browser, you can use this extension
  • FlashGot : If you’re using a 3rd party download manager like Flashget, etc. You can use this extension to combine Mozilla Firefox with them easily. This extension also provide support to most of major download manager out there. So there’s no need to worry your download manager software isn’t supported by this extension
  • Greasemonkey : By using this tool you can use modify how web page looks or behave by using scripting function .. but i think only several people use this extension
  • Header Monitor : This extension can show the HTTP Header on the status bar, for example you can see the PHP version used on some web server, etc
  • JSView : With this extension you can see Javascript used on page or CSS used on page easily
  • Leet Key : This is for fun only (but this extension has saved alot of my time when playing at some site) .. especially for those who like to use 1337 word like that (i never use the transform to leet function) because this extension can transform your text into several format easily like converting from / into binary, leet key, encode your text, etc
  • Live HTTP Header : With this tool you can see the HTTP Header in real time when you browse page … but most users won’t find this usefull
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator : You can create some latin text which you can see on most test webpage. Here’s an example :

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat, vel illum dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis at vero eros et accumsan et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit praesent luptatum zzril delenit augue duis dolore te feugait nulla facilisi.

  • More Tools Menu : This extension will create a More Tools options on the toolbar so the original Mozilla Firefox Tools menu left untouched. This is usefull for those who use lots of extension
  • Mouse Gestures : This extension will let you feel the same Mouse Gestures function like in Opera browser. So you can use your mouse to navigate instead of using keyboard (but i rarely use this tools because i’m already used to keyboard) :P
  • NoScript : This extension will only allow trusted website to use javascript, because of security purpose of course. Because javascript if used by malicious user can be deadly. So this is one of the most recommended extension to use (although if you didn’t use it properly it may break some page … for example my page)
  • Platypus : Can be used only if Greasemonkey installed. By combining this tool with Greasemonkey you can modify web pages in real time and save it as user script for Greasemonkey
  • Professor X : With this extension you can see the page header source code in real time .. that’s it ;)
  • QuickProxy : This extension create a button on Mozilla Firefox status bar so you can turn on / off proxy easily. Only usefull for those who use proxy
  • RefControl : My favorite tool, because with this tool you can modify your referer
  • Save Image in Folder : This tool can automatically save image from the internet in the specified folder .. it does the same job like DownThemAll! except this one is for image
  • Server Spy : Does the same job like Header Monitor except this one is showing you what is the Webserver used on the current page
  • SpiderZilla : This tool used to copy a website, so you can browse it offline
  • Tab Mix Plus : If you has a habit to open alot of tab at the sametime, sometime you’ll experience a slowdown / slow delay in your browser when opening a web page. This extension job is fixing it. Beside fixing memory leak problem this extension also offer another neat feature to control tabbed browsing usage on Mozilla Firefox
  • Tamper Data : You can modify HTTP Header with this extension .. usefull for those who like to play around with his / her Mozilla Firefox
  • URL Params : Usefull for those who interested on looking at the POST / GET data while browsing
  • User Agent Switcher : This extension can make user agent spoofing alot easier (although i don’t use this tool personally, but this is good for those who want more privacy)
  • Video Downloader : The easiest way to download video from YouTube, or other similar service like YouTube or other embedded object like Macromedia Flash is by using this extension
  • Web Developer : The most usefull extension especially for web developer .. simply said :)
  • Wizz RSS News Reader : My favorite extension to read from RSS Feed
  • X-Ray : Another favorite extension, because by using this tool you can see webpage source code in real time while viewing the webpage itself. Usefull for those who like to create CSS for their website because you can see the ID and Class used
  • Yellowpipe Lynx Viewer Tool : By using this extension, you can see webpages like Googlebot or other bot when they’re seeing your pages. Usefull for SEO

And that’s all my favorite Mozilla Firefox extension, although there’s some more but the rest is less important for me

Btw here’s small addition to the firefox 2 extension list


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