My first month thanks to Timethief

This is my first month in blogging experience, although im still new to blogging stuff. I always read from someone posts or faqs but first i’d like to thank Timethief / Coyotes on wordpress since she’s the only person that made me created this blogs in the first place

At first i saw her posts at the wordpress forums, she made myself thinking, why there’s a person who likes to create long posts especially in the forums and saying some harsh words, but in the end (actually since few days ago) after i saw her posts i know that she didnt mean it. But one thing for sure is she’s the only person beside drmike who’s always helping newbies / new wordpress bloggers. Although i dont talks alot (i only posts a few times there) in the wordpress forums, i always keep an eye for what happening on wordpress dot com ;)

And to show my thanks to her … i made this post ;)


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5 comments on “My first month thanks to Timethief

  1. Good we obviously understand each other very clearly. I am being more helpful than harsh with you. You are young and the future of our planet is in the hands of the young. I am offering you friendship. I have added you to my blogroll and provided you with an opportunity to become acutely aware of the environmental issues we all face on this planet by simply visiting my blog and reading my posts. You have responded with gratitude and respect. This is good. Cheers ;)

  2. oh i dont mean that, i mean that your page is a high PageRank and to be honest i was really gratefull because you want to put me on your blogroll.

    actually what im trying to say is that most bloggers only want to put link to someone else page as long as they have a Google Page Rank of 3++ which my blogs doesnt have it

    btw i really like your environmental blogs, and always visit your environmental blogs regularly to read something new ;)

  3. Hello again,
    I’m back to say that perhaps you do not want me to put you on my blogroll and I completely misunderstood you. Or worse still perhaps you think I was just linking you because you had a high page ranking or something. I confess that I am new to such thinking and that if you will help me learning those things then I would be grateful. Please let me know if I have made a mistake.

    My blog is a political and environmental blog aimed at folks who live in the coastal and gulf islands area of British Columbia in Canada. If you are interested in such matters please let me know. My other blog is a personal blog at If what I write there interests you then let me know.

  4. OMG !! i didnt know you’re going to read this (since most of my visitors came from google or other search engine) im so ashame … anyway i know that you’re trying to help them so i dont mind it at all since most of the new users don’t like to read faq’s so you’re using harsh words to make them learn ;)

    anyway i just add you to my blogroll (the first person that goes into my blogroll instead of my testing pages and my uncle’s blogs) :P in XFN format :)

    and please forgive me since i didnt know that you’re a woman (i though at first you’re sharing your account with your husband) .. i’ll edit my post immediately after posting this comment ;)

    thanks alot ;)

  5. Thank you so much for your praise and for the links. I’m sorry that you think I used harsh words on the forum. I don’t mean to. I only mean to help.

    I have only had a computer for three years and I’v only been a blogger since April 8th. And I can tell you know lots more about them than I do.

    I’m a woman not a man. And you’ve seen me on at You can also get to know me by reading my “about” page.

    I will be pleased to add you to my blogrolls. Happy blogging both here and at too.