pSX emulator another free playstation emulator

For those who didn’t know there was another great Playstation / PSX Emulator named PSX Emulator, and much simpler than ePSXe (although that’s depends on the users itself) ;) since this PSX Emulator doesnt use plugins system like ePSXe. So most users will find this emulator easy to use.

Although this emulator didn’t use plugins system based on PSEMU, this emulator can play almost all commercial playstation games out there, for example the most Popular RPG like Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross, etc. And has high compatibility for another games.

And here’s some screenshot of pSX Emulator running on my computer


So what are you waiting for ? go and get yourself the PSX Emulator and try it by yourself ;)


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  1. hi i am ram from andrapradesh,i have tekken 4 iso and it is not playing in the playstation2 please tell me the correct emlator to play this tekken4 iso.

  2. I did the research and apparently its copywrite protected but it does the same thing when I play the disk. So I’m scratching my head on this one.

  3. Actually the default.xml file is blank, i’m sure the error was caused by something else, try checking the log files inside pcsx2 directory

  4. plz.. tell me how to run pcx2 what shall i do ? its just says could not load the xml file patchces/default.xml where to download??

  5. I don’t know if anyone will respond to this but I recently made ISO images of The Legend Of Dragoon all 4 discs. However, when I go to play them on my psx an indecifferable error screen appears with a big red “no” symbol and the only thing I can think of that would be a problem is that the game is NTSC U/C DESIGNATION game. I don’t know if anyone knows how to fix this but I have heard that this game rocks. Thank you.

  6. zack Taikoz sounds like you are trying to play ps2 games on a ps1 emulator. Well I am not too sure if you can do this… I will try when the download completes.

  7. I want to download a PSX emulator which is can use with the cheat. Do you have any suggestion of freeware for me to download? Thank You

  8. # john c

    im sure its related to pcsx2. btw the default filesize for patches/default.xml is 0 bytes that means there’s nothing in it

    try looking at the other error message

    # Matt

    depending on which emulator you use to play PSX games, if its for me im using ePSXe and i can freely create new memory card anytime i want without problem

    also if the emulator you’re using has the savestate features, you should try using it

    savestate are the most useful features on emulator (thats why i love emu) because you can save or load your game anytime / anywhere you want even when fighting boss

  9. Im new to the whole emulator thing also, and my main problem is i dont even know where or how to get a memory card… and im halfway through FF8 and i am not looking forward to having to do it again… any help?

  10. is there any way i can transfer my ePSXe memory cards to pSX. Because i’m halfway through ff8 and i’d hate to start again!

  11. So I’ve DL’d the emulator, I’ve got the BIOS scph1001.bin and it works. Now, what I don’t understand (because I’m an emulator noob) is if this emulator only plays actual PS game discs? Do I download games? Do I just pop my PS games right into my drive and run the thing? If I can DL games (like FF7 and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night) can I play them off this emulator? And how? Where can I find these games?

  12. hey i downloaded d3dx9_26.dll then when i tried to open the DXSETUP.exe it says unable to find dsetup.dll what do i do now?

  13. i am just need the bios for my pcsx2. gimme the bios plzzz.

    2nd : i really wanna play the ace combat zero : the belkan war through emulator , gimme some hack instuctions or another alternative emulator.

    3rd: final fantasy x and x-2 video doesn appear

  14. try redownloading the file because i dont get any error message when running it, and don’t forget one thing that you’ll need psx bios first (SCPH1001.BIN) in order to use this software, you can contact me for more info about this (check the contact page) ;)

    or try download the latest DirectX Updates from

  15. Hello. I downloaded the psx 1.7 (rar file) and open it with the winrar. After i open the file, it says that theres an error (1) occured. Then again it says the file unfortunately corrupted. How is this? …Thank you