pSX emulator another free playstation emulator

For those who didn’t know there was another great Playstation / PSX Emulator named PSX Emulator, and much simpler than ePSXe (although that’s depends on the users itself) ;) since this PSX Emulator doesnt use plugins system like ePSXe. So most users will find this emulator easy to use.

Although this emulator didn’t use plugins system based on PSEMU, this emulator can play almost all commercial playstation games out there, for example the most Popular RPG like Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross, etc. And has high compatibility for another games.

And here’s some screenshot of pSX Emulator running on my computer


So what are you waiting for ? go and get yourself the PSX Emulator and try it by yourself ;)


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50 comments on “pSX emulator another free playstation emulator

  1. PLEASE HELP i try using the epsxe emulator and I downloaded plugins and bios but when i try to run it it says that this file zlibl.dll is missing and i tried instaling it 5 times and nothing. PLEASE HELP

  2. ps1 bios or ps2?
    well for ps1 go here:

    i actually had a friend send me my bios, as well as my ps2 bios, i cant remember where i got them :/ but the name for the ps2 bios is SCPH39001.BIN if you have a torrent you can get it easy, just type SCPH39001.BIN in google and you’ll find it

    and doom, i got that problem when i was using the wrong bios, are you using scph1001.bin ?

    i use epsxe and psxfin and they both work wonders. sometimes one emulator will have problems running a game so i switch emulators and you can still use the game saves from the other emulators on the other one :)
    (too tired to make sense)

  3. Hi ppl, can anyone tell me how to run Star ocean 3 on Emu?? i have everything, mount image and wen i press run CD/DVD the EMU starts but it goes to the system and not the game anyone knows what the problem is?? Sry for my bad english its not my primary language. cya all

  4. I downloaded emulator, opened it with Winrar trial, went back to emulatorsite to get the dll thing (was it directX, I had bios from some site and transferred it to biosfolder. Voilá. Saving works too.

    If i just could find similiar N64 emulator. Maybe Xbox too, later.

  5. This actually works almost flawlessly. Other Emulators have enormous lag, this just slighty audioscratches. I can finally stop my hunt for nostalgia and play Medievil or Hogs of War whenever i wish.

  6. Not much of an improovment. All I get with espxe is a black screen…I don’t get it. Am I using the wrong bios or something? Help if you can and thank you in advance.

  7. hi

    i just played grandia cd1… when i finished cd 1 i must save game in a memory card it says and i have always used F6 on keyboard to save my game before… and i tried to make a memory card but i dont get it working…

    can u help me?

    im noob at emulators soo u need to give very good instruction :P

    i use a PSX v1.7 by the way

  8. im using an actual copy of star ocean 2 in my pc on the emulator but the problem lies in the memory card file,there isnt one! how do i get the mem card?

  9. It was working fine for a while when i was playing final fantasy 7.

    now im about 3/4 hours in and as soon as i move for more than 5 seconds (give or take) after loading my save state it goes really slow and jiggy and the bios box reports the error message ‘read without driver’ :S

    what do i do?

  10. can anyone hlp me i cant play a game on my ps emu… where i can find bios it always pop up damn… plz hlp me dnt know where i can find it…