ePSXe the Playstation Emulator

ePSXe is the most compatible Playstation / PSX Emulator for your PC, this freeware emulator can play almost all commercial playstation games out there. This emulator use Plugins system based on PSEMu project, which can provides greater sound and image quality than the real playstation console.

and here’s a list of recommended plugins to use with this playstation emulator :

Graphic Plugins :

Sound Plugins :

  • P.E.Op.S. DSound Plugins : Another great spu plugins from Pete Bernert to use with ePSXe Emulator. Provides several effects to enhance the playstation sound
  • Eternal SPU Plugins : This is my favorite Sound Plugins for ePSXe Emulator since its provides greater compatibility. Since the official homepage of this Plugins can’t be found anymore, i give you the link to other mirror site which provide download link for this Sound Plugins

CD Plugins :

  • P.E.Op.S. CDR Plugins : Yet another great plugins from Pete Bernert, which provides sub-channel reading to protected playstation games. But since i play my playstation games from ISO Image i dont think there’s any difference between using any other CDR Plugins

And there’s alot more plugins for ePSXe Emulator but this is my favorite plugins since they provides greater compatibily and quality to all games.

Note: You’ll need to have a playstation bios first in order to play playstation games on your pc, just search for it using your favorite search engine :P

Update: I’ve upload the complete ePSXe including its plugins, although the GPU plugin is the old version but its already tested by me when i was still using ePSXe before and can play all commercial playstation 1 games i own ;) and here’s the link ePSXe 1.6.0 with Plugins


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  3. Can anyone please help me or answer where to get the epsxe emulator iso i downloaded tekken3
    and it works but cannot find other….
    plwase save me i’m dyin here…

  4. Hey all…my ePSX works fine, and i tried 3 games, they work good, but FFVII’s battle menu doesnt appear at all, any ideas?

  5. hello
    can any one tell me how should i configure my pcsx2 0.9.4 & 0.9.6 version emulator so that it works faster

  6. yeah… i wanted to play ff7, never played it before but all my buds say its best game ever, 1st my ps1 is dead, 2nd ff7 is like legendary and probably costs a fortune. i downloaded epsxe and got all the .rar files for cd 1 of ff7. i got petes gpu plugin and scph1001.bin, and epsxe worked. it asked me to configure everything and i did. now, my friend told me to get 7 zip, another told me winrar, and now something about daemon tools, wtf. i tried to play, using winrar to make it 1 file (not sure if i did it right), but after a while screen went black and error message came saying something about cannot rend something, and then 1 more came up with something else… so any ideas…