X-Greenery Theme for Sandbox

I just released another Sandbox skins or themes to use for free to anyone who already buy the WordPress upgrades or to everyone who already own a hosting service! I’ve already test this using Opera, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Hopefully its not going to break in another browsers. This theme originally created by Steve Mooradian for WordPress, but like you already know that wordpress doesn’t allow you to upload your created themes except by editing the CSS file only, so that’s why i converted the Greenery theme into Sandbox format (as long as you already have the upgrades, you can use it). And here’s the screenshot :


as for the css code and instructions you can look into this the full story here


ChinaRed for Sandbox Theme

I just converted ChinaRed theme for wordpress into a Sandbox Theme for WordPress, at first i was trying to create a sandbox theme but since i get stuck at some part of my sandbox theme, yesterday i (in my local time), i’ve decided to convert ChinaRed theme instead :D … anyway here’s the screenshot :


And this time instead of putting it somewhere for you to download, i’ll list the code here (in the next page of course because i don’t want to clutter my front page with code) :P … as for the image itself, you can download the ChinaRed theme, or replace it with your own image … hope you’ll like it ;)


Finished creating CSS for Sandbox Theme

I just finished creating a CSS / Stylesheet for Sandbox Theme based on Kubrick Theme (although not completely finished) and i think the results is not bad for a beginner in css thing like me :) (actually i’ve never made something like this before and just learned about this whole CSS stuff yesterday) … so if the results is bad or doesnt suit your taste, feel free to edit it ;) ..

Note : i don’t have the upgrades account at the wordpress so i can’t give you any help on that matters … also since im just a beginner in this css thing dont ask me about advanced css stuff. And there’s one more thing, my css will looks better on Firefox since i test it using Mozilla Firefox browser

and here’s some screenshot of my sandbox theme called X-Cuberik :P (since there’s someone using Kubrick Reloaded i change its name into X-Cuberik) :D


Guide to filter ads using Squid and free redirector on Windows

Here’s another tutorial again by me to configure Squid Proxy Server on Windows to filter intrusive ads, popups, javascript ads, etc by using an Open Source / Free Redirector program for Squid called AdZapper. And by using this free redirector you can filter out almost (but not all) ads, html webbugs, and many other. And for those who didn’t know on how to setup a Squid Proxy on Windows you can read my guide on how to configure squid for windows. But since this is going to be a long page (if its for me who wrote this guide) you’ll have to read more to continue :)


My first month thanks to Timethief

This is my first month in blogging experience, although im still new to blogging stuff. I always read from someone posts or faqs but first i’d like to thank Timethief / Coyotes on wordpress since she’s the only person that made me created this blogs in the first place

At first i saw her posts at the wordpress forums, she made myself thinking, why there’s a person who likes to create long posts especially in the forums and saying some harsh words, but in the end (actually since few days ago) after i saw her posts i know that she didnt mean it. But one thing for sure is she’s the only person beside drmike who’s always helping newbies / new wordpress bloggers. Although i dont talks alot (i only posts a few times there) in the wordpress forums, i always keep an eye for what happening on wordpress dot com ;)

And to show my thanks to her … i made this post ;)

pSX emulator another free playstation emulator

For those who didn’t know there was another great Playstation / PSX Emulator named PSX Emulator, and much simpler than ePSXe (although that’s depends on the users itself) ;) since this PSX Emulator doesnt use plugins system like ePSXe. So most users will find this emulator easy to use.

Although this emulator didn’t use plugins system based on PSEMU, this emulator can play almost all commercial playstation games out there, for example the most Popular RPG like Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross, etc. And has high compatibility for another games.

And here’s some screenshot of pSX Emulator running on my computer


How to use PCSX2 the Playstation 2 Emulator

Update: Please check the new version of this post at how to configure pcsx2

Now im going to put some guide on how to configure PCSX2 to try out the PS2 Emulator. And since few people are asking is their system can play ps2, then the answer is no. You can’t actually play ps2 games on your pc right now (dunno for a real high end system which is using Dual Core Processor, SLI Graphics Card, etc, but to most users just wait for it), but if you want to help the PCSX2 team, you can do it by testing out PCSX2 and reporting any bugs you found to them.