How to hack games on PC

To make things short, as you can see from this post title, this is a short how to so you can hack games on your PC so you can get infinite health, mana, and so on

Required tools:

Memory Editing Program: you can find this on the internet although i’ll only put one sample as tutorial here :) and for example :

  • Artmoney (Shareware/Freeware) : this memory searcher comes as freeware and shareware version although there’s only few differences between the freeware and shareware version
  • Cheat Engine (Freeware) : same as artmoney plus this program can search memory from your Network (for example you were playing games on pc1 and want to cheat from pc2, you can use this tools)
  • and many other tools such as TSearch (Freeware) , MemoryGutterXP (freeware), etc … try searching the net if you want to use different program

Optional Tools :

  • Trainer Maker : because i cant find the official website anymore, you’ll have to search for it by yourself. What this tool does, as the name implies, it is to create trainer without the need to code it by yourself

and in this tutorial i’ll give you an example on how to cheat in your game by using Artmoney freeware version ;)

  • First step is running the target application / games first and then press ALT+TAB and then run Artmoney / Cheat Engine
  • Next step is choose the target application from the Select Process dropdown list
  • Now press ALT+TAB again into your game and looks for the values you want to freeze / mod. For example your current Hero health is 1600. And then press ALT+TAB again into Artmoney Window and press Search button and search for that value. For example take a look at image below

Artmoney Sample

  • After finished searching for that value, go back into your game by pressing ALT+TAB and let your hero lose its health (but dont let your hero die). For example after getting hit by monster in the game your hero health become 1200
  • Now go to the artmoney window again by pressing ALT+TAB and now choose FILTER and search for current hero value. Like image below

Artmoney Sample 2

  • And do the above steps until you find only 1 results
  • After finding the correct address then you can modify its value to your liking or freeze its value and that’s depend on how you want it. And you’re done with your game hacking :)

In this example the game were using a static memory address not dynamic memory address (memory address which is always change whenever you load/start new game). Also the Hero health can be seen directly not hidden by using a Percent Bar / Health Bar / whatever you name it

But if that’s the case you can also search for an unknown value, and in order to do this you can search for an Unknown Value instead of Exact Value. And do the above steps to find the correct address. Btw if you’re using a Large Memory (RAM) it’ll help you alot in your game hacking process since it’ll take alot of physical memory (RAM) to search memory from your games.


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71 comments on “How to hack games on PC

  1. Do you know of any packet editing programs? I have looked around for sometime and I cannot find one. Thanks! :)

  2. Art money works with all games (i think) but doesen’t with online games i tested with GTA SA, X-BLADES, TITAN QUEST AND IMMORTAL THRONE. The online games make a backup of what u have on their server so if u can hack the server then u can have all the money!(u can never have too much money)

    1. Yep, that’s correct unless the game itself mostly read from the values stored on the client computer, you need other tools to perform such tasks that mostly involves packet editing ;)

  3. I used cheatengine and when I change the value in the search thingy and click next scan I get not one address. Not one! Can you help me ASAP?

    1. There a chance the value displayed isn’t an integer, have you tried searching Float value?

  4. can somone help me tell me a program so i can hack to bigger lvl in some of these games:dream of miror online(domo),9dragon,maple story,world of warcraft(wow),bots,s4,dragonsky,runescape,twlewesky2,ether saga,world of kung fu,free relams,dragon fable.

    my email: [email protected], [email protected].

    thnx already!

  5. i play tales of pirates online n i try as wat u said , but the new value can’t be used .
    it is only shown , can u help me to hack gold from tales of pirates online ?

  6. can some one help my hacke tales of pirates plz i realy nid you becaus someone hacked my plz reply me plz!!!!

  7. ive been trying to stop the ads for 9 dragons it lags my comp so bad i cant play anymore and it such a fun game ive tryed hex editor to find the scrips to remove the ad but cant do it any one have any ideas?

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  9. Dear god, how many of you retards are there, especially the moron begging for someone to help him because his online multiplayer game wont believe he has 999mill or something. Please, eat poison and save the world whatever it is you will become…

  10. The tools above can’t be used to change server side data, which is extremely risky and definitely not recommended. It’s not like you can just download a tool to give yourself gold and gear on a blizzard WoW server.

    To do that kind of stuff you’d need to gain access to their server and perform modifications to entries on their database where the character information is kept.

    The stuff above is basically for screwing around with games that don’t need a network connection to play.

  11. and how can we hack into the server side ???
    oh and if we hack the server side for money will we get cought ??
    anyway i need bots too ….
    anyone knows somewhere with free good bots to use ???

  12. You guys are all morons! If you want to hack multiplayer games your guna have to look into packet editing and lots of other tools that people arent guna take the time to explain on here, search google…

  13. This methode is awesome , but doesin’t work realy , it change only the th view of the value ( like i tales of pirates it shown u have 99m but u haave less -_- )

  14. ye i know how to acount hack som 1 ( i dont hack ) but i can tach som 1 youst give me ur email (no paas or username reuired) but it eint free u gota pay e somthing and that it vork i gona prov it 2 u befor u give me tha money.

  15. Can u help me on how will i increase my character’s gold in ran-online? i tried using Tsearch but the game always exited because of the GameGuard. Are there any hacking tools that can bypass Ran-online GameGuard?