Recommended Audio Software for your Computer

Now i’m going to put another recommended software series , but instead of posting about recommended software for playstation 2 console, im going to put a recommended software for your audio files collection based on my experience and most of them are freeware (unless specified by me as shareware) ;)

And this is going to be my first looong post …….. since i included almost everything about audio converters, encoders, ripping, and many more

Note: Im not going to list lots of audio player since there’re lots of audio player but only a few of them deserved to get the Best of Best Software Titles and im not going to put the direct link to each file

Recommended audio player software :

Since most of you already has winamp installed on your system im not going into more detail about this software. But for those who didnt know that Winamp can also be used to Rip an audio cd into various audio format like AAC / AACPlus, MP3, WMA, and standard WAV format.

Although the freeware version can also be used to RIP Audio files into AAC format but its bitrate cant go higher than 128 Kbps beside the CD Ripping speed also not at its maximum speed. So in the other words you must buy the Pro Version of Winamp 5 to get more features from it, unless you’re using Winamp to play your Audio files only ;)

But for those who are interested on improving played Audio Quality using Winamp can read my previous post about FFDshow Guide to Improve Audio Files Quality

And as a last note Winamp support various audio format so there’s no need to worry about such thing ;)

This audio player actually is the best audio player around, except you’re using my guide on Winamp / your DirectShow based audio players to increase its quality (its not fair to compare its quality when the other audio player using DSP or similar audio software to modify its sound quality)

This player comes with Simple UI (User Interface) and unlike Winamp or Windows Media Player which is easy to use because of its User Interface, you’ll need to try out some new stuff to become familiar with this software. But once familiar with this software you’ll know why this player called the best Audio Player

This player also support various audio format and in their site you can also find user made plugins to be used with this player.

Recommended audio encoders / codec :

  • MP3 Format – Lame (freeware) :

This open source mp3 codec is the best mp3 codec out there, actually its alot better than the actual MP3 Codec created by Fraunhoffer. Since i already post about this at the first time i started this blog, im not going to put any detail in here again … unfortunately its in Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia). And that’s because at first im going to post my blog in Indonesian Language but now i’ve changed my mind so i can learn and practice my english language by writing it :)

If you already got Nero installed, or Winamp PRO installed you can choose them as the main encoders to create AAC based audio format or you can use the free FAAC encoders and i also recommend KurtNoise program to simplify the creation of the AAC Files called BeLight

Since there’s only one option to create an OGG Audio format beside its very easy to create an OGG format so im not going into detail here

Note: Im not going to put AC3, DTS Format, etc in here since they’re not for standard use

Recommended audio decoders / enhancer / etc :

  • FFDshow (freeware) :

The best universal decoder which is available for free. And as for the guide you can check my previous post about Improving your audio files on the fly using FFDshow

This software can normalize your MP3 files without converting it first into another format, beside its very easy to use it

Recommended cd audio ripping program :

  • EAC (freeware) :

This program simply the best ripping program for me, especially if you like to rip from a badly scratched cd (as long as the your CD / DVD Rom drive can read it) this program can be usefull for you, other than that most of its feature almost similar to other Commercial audio ripping program

Did i say Winamp again … ? LoL … actually if you dont want to think alot about configuring audio settings or other technical stuff then this program is definitely for you, just go into the Preferences Page -> CD Ripping -> and choose what audio format and bitrate should winamp output … and insert your audio cd and choose rip from the media library (ALT+L)… and you’re finished

Recommended audio converters :

With just right clicking on your audio files from Windows Explorer, you can convert your audio files easily into various format, normalize an audio files, removing silence, adding silence, etc

An All in One encoders … this program can encode your audio files / movie files into various format …

An all in one encoder too just like the above two Converters … this program can encode into several audio format

This is the best encoder / converters / transcoder / you name it … it can convert into MANY audio format including AC3, DTS, etc. Note: this is a Command Line Interface program so to simplify it you should download the GUI / Frontend for this program

Recommended audio tagging tools :

This is my favorite audio tagging tools, to tag my mp3 files, ogg files, etc. Other than that this software can also re-organized your audio files into proper directory. But the feature i like most is by inserting my picture / logo into my mp3 files so whenever the mp3 files played on the Windows Media Player your logo will show on the bottom right corner :P

I think i’ve list so many audio software already, but just incase i forgot to add something or i miss something, feel free to contact me or post your comments here ;)


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  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  2. Billy is the fastest mp3 software around. Very light on CPU usage. It doesn’t interrupt with your other computing tasks once it’s minimized.

  3. Actually that ADX format is the audio format file used in PES6 … and if you want to edit that ADX file you might try looking for ADX2Wav converter or ADXENCD (encoder)

    and dont forget to get the WAV2ADX converter too ;)

  4. I want to make some changes in PS2 PES6 voices . I have AFXexplorer V3.7 and I can open AFS files , but after opening it , it will becom to a lot of files with ADX format . How can I edit those files ?

  5. Um.. never tried/heard it before but thanks for the info ;) now im going to try that Billy MP3 Player … and wait for the review ;)