PCSX2 the real Playstation 2 Emulator

PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux, started by the same team that brought you PCSX (a Sony PlayStation 1 emulator)

The PCSX2 project attempts to allow PS2 code to be executed on your computer, thus meaning you can put a PS2 DVD or CD into your computers drive, and boot it up!

The project has been running for a little over four years now, and since it’s initial release has grown in compatibility. From initially just being able to run a few public domain demos, it’s current state enables many games to boot and actually go in game, such as the ‘famous’ Final Fantasy X or Devil May Cry 3.

Final Fantasy 10Since i’ve been getting some visitors who’s searching for a freeware PS2 emulator, i’m going to post the one and only REAL PS2 Emulator that’s under heavy development and available on the internet as freeware / open source unlike others which is fake (trojan, worms, spyware, adware, etc). And this emulator name is PCSX2.

This open source project at first can only play homebrew / homemade games not a commercial games but now most of commercial games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi, etc can be played on this emulator, although you’ll need a really POWERFULL Machine (computer) to play games in desirable frame rate.

Dragon Ball TenkaichiBtw with my current computer setup, i wasnt able to play ps2 games at desirable frame rate / at very low frame rate, and my computer setup is like this :

  • Athlon XP (Barton) 2600+ Processor
  • ASUS V8460 Ultra Deluxe – Nvidia GeForce 4 TI 4600
  • 1 GB PC3200 DDR – 2 x 512 MB (Dual DDR Activated)

That’s the most important part of your computer if you want a desirable frame rate (30++ FPS) to play ps2 games normally

But to play a ps2 games you’ll need to have a PS2 BIOS first, just search for it. But remember its illegal to download a ps2 bios if you don’t own a real ps2 :P … and if you need some help on how to configure pcsx2, you can read my posts on how to use pcsx2 the playstation 2 emulator

That’s all about it … enjoy it ;)


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114 comments on “PCSX2 the real Playstation 2 Emulator

  1. hahaha .. lol … try looking at the FPS / Framerate at the top left side very carefully and you’ll find the answer easily ;)

    but to answer your question :

    [ Q ] 1. it is disabled nothing helps do you play budokai 3 Reaper??
    [ A ] .. no .. i dont have Budokai 3 beside all dragon ball game still played below 20 FPS (if im not wrong)

    [ Q ] 2. and what means the media faster than the emulator???
    [ A ] it’s easy .. he / she recorded it, and using Video Editing Program, he / she increase the Video Framerate so it looks like he can play dragon ball normally using PCSX2 ;)

    and if you look at the framerate (in game) carefully you’ll see that he / she actually play below 20 FPS … but thanks to video editing tool such as VDub, etc .. he can manipulate the recorded framerate :D

    that’s it :D …

    Btw thanks for visiting this site ;)

  2. Hm .. that’s strange .. btw do you have Antialiasing enabled on the Graphics plugin ? if its enabled try disabling it to improve performance

  3. i have pcsx2 0.9.2 i play dragonball z budokai 2 and 3 herre is my pc spec: AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2GHz, 1024MB RAM, PowerColor Radeon X850XT 256MB,GDDR3,256bit but when i run pcsx2 thats ok FPS is fine above 120FPS, but when i run game menu fps i a little lower 50fps or something, when i play game the fps is only 20. And i have tryed everything all plugins all pixel tryed nothing helps to gett better fps, so do anyone has a simple 64bit processor tell me if some games can be able to run. The only problem could be my cpu. Does anyone know what spec i need. I think to run pcsx2 you should have AMD Dual-Core . That is only problem.

  4. I havent tried budokai 2 because i dont have it, as for patch try checking the pcsx2 forum just in case they’ve released the patch for it

  5. Hi!

    I Have installed Pcsx2 on my computer and I have also found the Bios. Actually I am trying to made the game DBZ budokai 2 playable with my config but I can’t. This is my config:

    CPU : P4 2.8 Mhz HT, Ram: 2Go, Graphic card: AGP Nvidia Geforce 7800GS

    Do you know if it is possible with some patches and an appropriate configuration of Pcx2 make this game full playable ?

  6. hey whz up
    I downloaded the PS2 emulator but it needs the BIOS files. So could u send me all the BIOS files.
    I would also appreciate it if u could send me DBZ budokai tenkaichi 2 iso. DO iso files work.

    my email is [email protected]

  7. I reade it and i configure my system. I use cpu conf and:
    CPU vendor GenuineIntel
    Family Willamette Intel Pentium IV
    CPU Speed !702MHZ
    Features MMX,SSe,SSE2
    If i run dvd i see: Movie (Sony Entertatment etc. and “browse”.) Plz write me config to play on my PC in for example DBZ:Tenkaichi

  8. if you’re able to play the game then that means you’ve extracted the bios from the compressed 7zip archive .. but if its slow then the only thing you should do is check the pcsx2 compatibility page .. and of course that’s depend on your computer hardware (you must using a high end computer) … and in this case, your processor .. and your graphic card

  9. try checking the pcsx2 compatibility list page first, and did you extract the bios first ? (some people just put it directly without extracting it first)