PCSX2 the real Playstation 2 Emulator

PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux, started by the same team that brought you PCSX (a Sony PlayStation 1 emulator)

The PCSX2 project attempts to allow PS2 code to be executed on your computer, thus meaning you can put a PS2 DVD or CD into your computers drive, and boot it up!

The project has been running for a little over four years now, and since it’s initial release has grown in compatibility. From initially just being able to run a few public domain demos, it’s current state enables many games to boot and actually go in game, such as the ‘famous’ Final Fantasy X or Devil May Cry 3.

Final Fantasy 10Since i’ve been getting some visitors who’s searching for a freeware PS2 emulator, i’m going to post the one and only REAL PS2 Emulator that’s under heavy development and available on the internet as freeware / open source unlike others which is fake (trojan, worms, spyware, adware, etc). And this emulator name is PCSX2.

This open source project at first can only play homebrew / homemade games not a commercial games but now most of commercial games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi, etc can be played on this emulator, although you’ll need a really POWERFULL Machine (computer) to play games in desirable frame rate.

Dragon Ball TenkaichiBtw with my current computer setup, i wasnt able to play ps2 games at desirable frame rate / at very low frame rate, and my computer setup is like this :

  • Athlon XP (Barton) 2600+ Processor
  • ASUS V8460 Ultra Deluxe – Nvidia GeForce 4 TI 4600
  • 1 GB PC3200 DDR – 2 x 512 MB (Dual DDR Activated)

That’s the most important part of your computer if you want a desirable frame rate (30++ FPS) to play ps2 games normally

But to play a ps2 games you’ll need to have a PS2 BIOS first, just search for it. But remember its illegal to download a ps2 bios if you don’t own a real ps2 :P … and if you need some help on how to configure pcsx2, you can read my posts on how to use pcsx2 the playstation 2 emulator

That’s all about it … enjoy it ;)


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  1. Just as i said before, that depends on the bios itself .. but one thing for sure is SCPH10000.bin and SCPH39001.bin doesnt require rom1.bin ;) because i can run pcsx2 without rom1.bin , etc … but just in case you need it later just keep it in your HDD :D

  2. I’ve got 3 working BIOS:
    scph10000.bin – japan
    scph39001.bin – Europe
    scph3004R.bin – USA

    and there are other files that i place in the BIOS folder as well: (not sure if they’re even used)

  3. i dont think you can run pcsx2 on normal/desirable frame rate using that system but just in case you want to try pcsx2 … check your email address ;)

  4. That’s depend on what bios version you’re using, for example im using a bios version that’s not using ROM2.bin or ROM*.bin and can see dragon ball budokai tenkaichi in action :) … so try using another BIOS first ;)

  5. Hi, i’ve got some problems regarding the PCSX2,
    Its not playing the DVDs eventhough i’ve got myself some working BIOS
    well it did mentioned when i run a disc that,
    rom2 and erom are missing…are these essential for running the games as well?

    pc specs:
    Pentium 4, 3 GHz
    256 Mb RAM
    Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 128 MB RAM

  6. 1. The official pcsx2 documentation said that if you’re using the recent bios, it gives you more compatibility in pcsx2 ;)

    2. There’s alot on the internet (although only a few sites that gives you the real bios)

    3. Sorry im not from japan :D

    But if you want to see the screenshot of pcsx2 NA / US / NTSC bios, you can find it on my post at http://www.reaper-x.com/2006/08/03/how-to-use-pcsx2-the-playstation-2-emulator.htm

    (the first screenshot show a Japan Bios and NA bios)

  7. Um just wondering if someone could help me out here..3 Questions

    1. does it matter where your BIOs came from(example: North America BIOs and Europe BIOs )

    2. If so where can I find the NA or US BIOs and….

    3. If any of you are from Japan could you check and see if “Final Fantasy XII” is compatable with PCSX2 0.9.1 and 0.9.2 when it comes out…(*drools*) ^

  8. its pal and it still dose the same thing i think it might be the disc but it gose through the hole start up asking for my language, then if i want 50Hz or 60z and then comes up with capcom to spike and freezes there, i would test on my ps2 but i don’t have 1 thats y i got PCSX2 in the first place =D

  9. hi i don’t think you can help me with but i after long hours on getting this baby up and running i put it my game “way of the samurai 2” it loads up the first bits, asking my launage, picture settings after it brings up to company name “capcom” and then another “Spike” then is just freezes on “Spike”. i checked the disc and it dont look badly damaged i also cleaned it, what do youthink it might be?

  10. on the Pcsx2 Msg it says unable to load: ‘bios\’, PCSX2 Can,t Run Without That i also downloaded this bios PS2 Bios 30004R V6 PAL , PS2 Bios 30004R V6 PAL.MEC , PS2 Bios 30004R V6 PAL.nvm , rom1, scph1000, scph1000.NVM , scph39001 , scph39001.MEC , scph39001.NVM , SCPH-70004_BIOS_V12_PAL_200 , SCPH-70004_BIOS_V12_PAL_200.EROM , SCPH-70004_BIOS_V12_PAL_200.NVM , SCPH-70004_BIOS_V12_PAL_200.ROM1 , SCPH-70004_BIOS_V12_PAL_200.ROM2 help me please???

  11. Hello. Please help me on how to set up my bios. I download the bios in thepiratebay.org …Can pcsx2 0.9.1 emu work in my computer? ::windows xp sp2, 256 ram mem., intel pentium4 2.40GHz cpu, 64MB vid. Card …Thank you

  12. # Anubys Says:July 27th, 2006 at 5:28 pmHELP ME what is the usual frame rate for a ps2 game couse i have super dragon ball z but the game starts but it those not load anymore the image remains white what sould i do???Windows XP professional Service Pack 2- 512 GB DDR 400MHZ- Intel P. IV CPU, 2.6 GHZ- Tornado GeForce 4 128mb

    Actually every games should be played above 30++ fps , and just as i said before that this pcsx2 emulator still not perfect, so there’ll be some games that cant be played.

    # ace_wolfgang Says: July 28th, 2006 at 3:05 am
    nice, but I can’t even get mine to work… I go to load bios throught the configuration window and then it complains that the pixel shader is lower than supported…

    Try using Software Renderer from GSDx Graphic Plugin, or try upgrading your graphic card

  13. nice, but I can’t even get mine to work… I go to load bios throught the configuration window and then it complains that the pixel shader is lower than supported…

  14. HELP ME what is the usual frame rate for a ps2 game couse i have super dragon ball z but the game starts but it those not load anymore the image remains white what sould i do???

    Windows XP professional Service Pack 2
    – 512 GB DDR 400MHZ
    – Intel P. IV CPU, 2.6 GHZ
    – Tornado GeForce 4 128mb

  15. I downloaded pcsx2-0.9.1_setup.exe and then installed PCSX2 0.9.1. I downloaded the following BIOS’s from http://www.driverguide.com and saved them to the c:\Program files\PCSX2\BIOS folder:

    (1) 03/06/2004 0250 199,680 rom1.bin
    (2) 18/10/2000 1606 4,194,304 scph10000.bin
    (3) 05/05/2002 0330 4,194,304 scph3004R.bin
    (4) 27/06/2003 2051 4,194,304 scph39001.bin
    (5) 23/07/2006 0607 4 scph39001.MEC
    (6) 23/07/2006 0608 1,024 scph39001.NVM

    Then I inserted Grand Theft Auto – Vice City CD in my cd/dvd drive. The game starts and stops at the screen which displays “Memory card (ps2)/1 7,998KB No Data”. Specs of my system:

    – Windows XP professional Service Pack 2
    – 1 GB DDR 400MHZ
    – Intel P. IV CPU, 2.4 GHZ
    – ATI RADEON 9600 Series VGA card, 128MB

    I have read your pcsx2_guide.htm but no solution. Please advise.