Creating custom ARMax (Action Replay Max) CD using Updated Codelist

I’m pretty sure most of you already heard about this cheating devices especially for those who like to cheat on their ps2 game :P (and the most viewed post on my blog is about ps2) … but im not going to talk about how this cheat devices works or something like that, but i’ll give you another tutorial on how to create a customized ARMax CD which always include the latest codelist (instead of using your memory card space to store the updated codelist)

Requirements :

Computer Hardware and Software :

  • CD / DVD Writer Hardware : Off course you’ll need this (if you dont own a cd / dvd writer like me .. you can choose other method .. that’s by visiting your friend who has a cd writer and ask them nicely) :P
  • CDGen 3 : I’ve posted this on my previous post about Recommended PS2 Tools
  • ARMax Code Manager (Optional) : i’ve already post about this tool in my previous post about the Recommended PS2 Tools so to read about this you should read my previous post (but its not required because im going to put the direct link in this post to download the latest update codelist using your Internet Browsers or Download Manager) … but this tools still worth a download just in case you want to do some more to your ARMax
  • CD Burning Software : Well if you own a CD Writer Hardware then you already has it … you can use Nero, Alcohol, and open source / free burning program, etc

Playstation 2 Software Required :

  • Action Replay CD : if you dont have this then …. i’ll have to say this … you cant continue to the next step. But if you’re interested on buying this go visit CodeJunkies Site or try to find one on the internet (there’s alot of pirated ARMax floating on the internet, just search for it)

And here’s the guide ;)

  • First thing is put the ARMax CD on your Computer CD / DVD Rom drive and copy all of its content into a directory on your computer, for example C:\ARMaxMod
  • Now download the updated codelist for ARMax from here :

For USA / NTSC Codelist : NTSC Codelist
For EU / PAL Codelist : PAL Codelist

Actually you can use them both no matter what ARMax versions you’re using (as long as you’re using a modchip on your PS2). For example my PSTwo is a PAL PSTwo SCPH-70002 (generic modchip not a brand mochip like DMS, Matrix Infinity, etc) but im using NTSC ARMax with PAL Codelist and NTSC Codelist

  • After downloading the updated codelist, copy the downloaded codelist into YOUR_COPIED_ARMAX_DIRECTORY_ON_HARDDISK\RES\CODELIST
  • And now open the CDGen program and do some drag n drop from the copied ARMax files into CDGen window like this :

ARMax Mod Screenshot

  • And choose to Save Image on the File Menu or click the IMG Icon and wait untill it finished
  • Now Open your CD Burning Program and choose Image Burning. For example if you’re using nero, Open Nero Burning Rom -> Choose Recorder on the toolbar -> Burn Image -> and point to the image created using the CDGen program and burn it …. FINISHED ;) … and sorry i cant show you the screenshot because as i said before i dont own a CD Writer beside i was using my friend CD Writer

Note: If you’re going to use the updated PAL Codelist (if you were using an NTSC versions of ARMax) … do the same steps but rename the EU_CODELIST.BIN into US_CODELIST.BIN and vice versa before copying it into the ARMAX Directory (you’ll need two blank disc to perform these steps)

If there’s something you don’t understand or got other question, post your comments here … cya … and wait for another guide by me :)


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112 comments on “Creating custom ARMax (Action Replay Max) CD using Updated Codelist

  1. I need to make an ARmax CD cos I don’t have one. WHY do I need an ARmax CD? I want to install FMCB on my PS2 so it could play from USB and MC instead of DISC. I saw a tutorial on net that shows how to do this, but one of the required materials is ARmax CD. I do not have it and do not know how it looks like. My game didn’t come with one. Meanwhile, I downloaded a file from net containing ARmax software, I burned it into a blank CD, inserted it in the PS2 but it did not run. So, I really need help on this. Thank you. My PSTwo is slimType and SCH-9XXX series. Please help. Thanks.

  2. I have a question regarding your post that I just read,I have seen RAR files and torrent files of the Action Replay Max to be able to download and wondered if it is possible that it would work the same way as mention in your post as if I had the original?Because I don’t have a modded PS2 but I have seen video’s of blocking the 3 sensors on my PS2,so would that also work on my behalf with using your instructions in your post here?Thanks

  3. hiya, is there a way to make a CD full of saves the same way as codes. I have a v13 PS2 U.S. (SCPH-77001) & so the USB plug cannot allow access to save files anymore.