PS2 FMV Ripping Guide

Here’s another guide by me to extract FMV from a PS2 Disc but first you must already have this tools :

And as an alternative way, i’ve uploaded the required tools to extract PS2 FMV, you can download it from here (it contains the above tools) if you want the easiest way
Optional Tools (not required if you dont want it) :

  • PSSPlayer : tool to play a pss movie (it can be used to play extracted PS2 FMV from FMVTool if you don’t want to create AVI Container / Converting it first)
  • VisualBasic Runtime (most of you already has this visualbasic runtime installed on your system so there’s no need to worry about it ;) )
  • Lame Encoder

Step to rip ps2 fmv :

  1. Insert your PS2 Disc into your DVD Rom drive and run FMVTool
  2. Configure FMVTool to use your DVD Rom drive and choose Start Searching
  3. After finished searching for fmv stream choose to extract it into directory of your choice (note: create the directory first)
  4. After extracting the fmv, try playing the extracted files using your favorite media player. And if you didnt hear any sound from it continue to the next step. But if the extracted movie can be played correctly (e.g there’s sound when playing the extracted files then you can choose to skip the next step ;) )
  5. Open PSSDemux and drag n drop the extracted files (FMV) into PSSDemux window
  6. Open VirtualDubMod and choose to open the Demuxed (.m2v format) files (not the extracted files from FMVTool) and select Stream -> Stream List and add the wav audio from the Demuxed files
  7. Select Video -> Compression and choose Divx / Xvid codec as the video encoder (or your favorite video codec)
  8. Finally choose to save the video files and you’re finished ;)

Note: For more smaller file size you can use Lame MP3 Encoder to encode the audio files instead of using standard WAV file

Updated : For a list of PS2 Recommended Tools check out my latest post here ;)


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27 comments on “PS2 FMV Ripping Guide

  1. hi its me again.. sorry for being such a noob but i have another problem again but this time it says “couldnt find any usable CDVD plugin..

    and does this plugin related to the plugins of PS2 emulator?

  2. aah i believe your system missing the required library, try searching using that name and you’ll find a download link for it :)

  3. finally i a fmvtool? but whenever i click the fmvtool.exe an error says “component ‘COMDLG32.OCX of a file is missing or invalid’…can you help me?

  4. Hello I have problems with the FMVTool.
    I can start it and stuff and I try to load FFX and FFXII but it finds no streams… And if I try to click “Test” for the CDVD plugin then it says “Test returned 0”. What can I do to get trought this problem?

  5. that error message was caused because your system is missing the required runtime library for that program .. to fix it you just need to download that library (try searching for COMDLG32.OCX) :)

    As for Peops CDVD it is used for reading the PS2 DVD

  6. Hi, sorry if I sound stupid (I’m not technology savvy) but the FMVTool don’t work. It said “Component ‘COMDLG32.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid” when I’m trying to use the application.

    And what is Peops CD/DVD Plugins for PCSX2 for?

  7. I think I got it to work, and yes we are RPG fans. We deal in any kind of video for any rpg. Check it out, if you like. We’ll take anybody’s ripped videos.

  8. Sorry about this, but the FMVTool isn’t wanting to work at all. Is it because I don’t have the game in the computer?

    Could you tell me a detailed description ?

    btw nice website i like your site layout (are you RPG fans too ) :P

  9. Sorry about this, but the FMVTool isn’t wanting to work at all. Is it because I don’t have the game in the computer?

  10. Thanks! I will. Btw I’ve got a website that would LOVE to show all of your endevors. It’s that website above. That’s where I’m holding my Japanese Xenosaga stuff.

  11. for complete usage of lame, you should read this document

    or to make thing easier, you could use Razorlame so you dont have to type anything from the command prompt again :)

  12. # Wicked Ryoko

    Sorry for late reply because i didnt saw your comments :D and .. actually i’ve found it on another site, and already update it on my new post .. but thanks a lot for the tips :)

    # Ksmommasbaby1707

    Yes .. you just need to drop the PSS file(s) into the PSS Demux window, and it’ll output the video in m2v format

    or maybe you could send me a screenshot

  13. I just wondered what could be up with my extracted ps2 files. When I use demux to drop the files, it tells me they are PSS files. If they are not for some reason, how do I fix it. It was FMV from Final Fantasy x.

  14. If you already convert the extracted fmv files into .avi (using Divx / XVid codec) then you should able to import it into Moviemaker without problem, by your description it seems that you didnt convert it first into .avi