Using FFDshow with Winamp to improve your audio quality

Here’s a simple guide on how to improve the sound quality of your audio files if you’re using Winamp on the fly by using FFDshow ;)

1. First download ffdshow from its official site

2. After downloading and installing it, run the ffdshow audio decoder configuration from the start menu, and set the codecs tab like this (you can customize it later, but for now try to follow this guide ;) )


3. Don’t forget to resample the audio stream into 48.000 Hz like screenshow below


4. This part can be different depending on your computer speaker, for example if you’re using 5.1 / 6.1 / 7.1 / etc set it like this (im using Creative Inspire 6.1 6600 Speaker)



Note: if your soundcard doesnt support 24 Bit Integer sample use 16 Bit Integer instead

5. And for the next step open Winamp and set it like screenshot below. But if don’t use Winamp to play your audio files you’ll need to figure it out by yourself. Actually as long as the audio player support DirectShow this method can be used as well on that player


If you do the above step correctly when you play mp3 files / other audio files on winamp it’ll show like on my previous post about FFDshow. And finally try playing some of your mp3 / audio files and hear the difference without enabling equalizer, changing your computer speaker volume, using dsp, etc ;) Note : by doing this every supported audio format in your computer, no matter is it MP3 from Divx / XVid encoded Movie, etc. Will get boosted in your media player as long as the media player itself is DirectX / DirectShow Compliant (for example Zoom Player, Media Player Classic by Gabest, etc)


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50 comments on “Using FFDshow with Winamp to improve your audio quality

  1. Killed your bass ? wow .. that’s really strange, what is your computer speaker setup ? 5.1 / 6.1 / etc ? because by using this i get full bass

  2. sorry forget to tell you this, if you’re constantly use the winamp media library like me ( see this post )

    then dont forget to use the internal mp3 decoder from winamp before adding the audio files, or all of your audio files will be treated as video :)

    and thanks for visiting this site :)

  3. aah .. yes of course that’s one of the problem if you’re trying to edit the ID3 tags while the directshow filter is not using the default mp3 decoder from Winamp ..

    The only solution is by temporarily use the internet mp3 decoder from winamp when you want to edit the ID3 tags :) (i did this too)

  4. This is great o_o
    This is almost Izotope Ozone sound-buffing-niveau.
    But I’ve a problem ._.
    When I’m enabling MP3 via DirectShow on WinAmp, the ID3-Tags get fucked up and only the filename is shown =(
    Any idea how to fix this problem ? >.

  5. um .. actually im using ZoomPlayer to play all video files because i can set different filter for each type, because i dont really like the playlist option of ZP or MPC i only use it to play video files. But when it comes to audio files, i choose winamp :)

    anyway thanks a lot yook :)

  6. Thanks but thats too much of a pain. After much googling and downloading of directshow shoutcast filters, I ended up switching to Zoom Player. It has the best directshow support i’ve ever seen in a media player, including Media player classic. It shows you the whole detailed filter graph and everything. If you really want the most control over what filters you want to use for all your media, i would highly suggest switching to this player. Shoutcast and mp3’s both played through ffdshow and ac3filter by default.. had no problems.

  7. Im sorry because i never play Shoutcast on Winamp (actually i never play streaming files *video/audio* on my computer because i dont have unlimited internet connection) i dont know much about it .. i think the best way to play shoutcast is by temporarily disabling mp3 decoding through directshow or in the other words use the built in mp3 decoder from Winamp :)

  8. After adding ;MP3 to the DirectShow Decoder config, I am unable to play shoutcast streams in Winamp. I was hoping to upmix my shoutcast streams to 5.1 as well as my mp3’s, but shoutcast stations won’t play at all.
    How can I configure winamp so that it plays mp3’s through ffdshow audio decoder and still play shoutcast links? Or if possible, how can I play both mp3’s and shoutcast streams through ffdshow?

    Great guide by the way.

  9. Sorry for late reply because i forgot about your question :)

    btw have you tried setting preference for external filter on MPC ?

  10. thanx for replying
    I’m using Winamp , and installed K-Lite Mega Codec 1.59
    my problem still I can’t decode the audio of my video files with ffdshow audio decoder although I set the Mp3 decoder

    check this out:


  11. Actually that’s depend on your audio software / player too, for example if you’re using Winamp and didnt set the in_dshow to play specific audio files and winamp already has a decoder for it, then FFDshow will be ignored so it’d be best if you tell me what player you’re using to play your audio files ;)

    as a side note, your audio player software must be able to use DirectShow or Direct X compatible player :)

  12. plz, how to force ffdshow to decode the audio in every VIDEO files, lilke AVI files?
    I went to the window of Audio Decoder and made the mp3 decoder to lbamad and other decoders but , the icon which indicate that ffdshow is decooding the audio in the tray of taskbar didn’t appeared, (Only the icon of Video decoding)
    I like ffdshow decodes all my Integratede audio in video files

  13. your welcome, and im very glad that you’ve found the solution by yourself ;) … btw as long the ffdshow support its audio format, you can add more extension in the Directshow configuration screen of winamp, so you can use FFDshow to decode all audio files from Winamp

  14. it works now, i tried to remove the additional input plugins and in_mp3pro.dll was the one which made ffdshow not to load when an mp3 was played in winamp5. btw thanks a lot for the guide.

  15. Unfortunately if you want to see the audio length, you’ll need to use Winamp 5 that support Media library function, so all the audio files can be recognized by Winamp first ;)

    just a note: don’t forget to set winamp into using its own decoder before adding media files into your Winamp Media Library, if you forget to set that, Winamp will recognize all the audio files as Video files :)

  16. ow yeah – and another ‘feature’ is mp3 length time is not displayed until it starts playin’ .. but again ^^ ill sucrifice this for quality (actualy its not quality – its the way dealing with audio. personaly i like Volume section, normalization, also Equalizer whitch can modify any band, not just those preset in winamp or other players. and ofcourse – Mixer ^^ rules)

  17. Actually if you’re using Winamp 5 or any other version of Winamp and using this method, the audio bitrate will not be displayed (always showing 0 bitrate), in order to show the audio bitrate you must disable the ffdshow by restoring the default DirectShow Decoder on Winamp (actually if you want to take a look at the real audio bitrate, you can see the ffdshow audio decoder information) … if its for me … i’d rather not see the winamp bitrate rather than losing the audio quality :D … lol

  18. thats what i wanted all this time ^^ thx. im big fan of ffdshow, and its my only media codec i use on my pc. noticed lil bug with winamp 2.95 (im also big fan of winamp 2.xx) when i play mp3 it doesnt show bitrate in main window. kHz is showen correctly tho.. well, i guess its lil price to pay ^^

  19. actually there’ll be short delay (depending on your computer specs, mainly your processor) when loading audio files on Winamp. Btw did you install Aud-X or other MP3 decoders ? because if you’re using/installing Aud-X on your computer and configure aud-x to decode MP3, ffdshow cant decode audio files properly. So try disabling Aud-X first or other MP3 Decoder installed on your system before using FFDshow

  20. hi

    i _exactly_ followed your guide, but winamp is not working as it should.
    with your guide applied, all i notice is just a longer delay before winamp starts playing the songs… theres some hdd-seek as well. sounds like winamp is trying to load ffdshow, because if i remove mp3 from the extensions list, the delay normalizes and the hdd-seek vanishes.
    nevertheless, ffdshow is never ever being loaded by winamp.

    when should ffdshow be loaded? by the time winamp starts up or just before youre playing your first mp3?

    i’m using winamp 5.24 with videomixers newest ffdshow-build (by the time of writing, this was 20060722)

    maybe you, or someonne else, could give me some clues as to what i may have done wrong. id also appreciate some tips to resolve my issue :)