WoW Mangos 4488, ScriptDev2 134 with Project Silvermoon DB Rev17

Looks cool isn't it ?

I just compiled another Mangos revision and this time it is using Mangos SVN Revision 4488 with ScriptDev2 revision 134 (it’s clean compile without any other patch). As a note, i only tested on my own computer using World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade 2.1.3 enUS client, so if you’re using other client version i don’t know if it’s going to work or not with your wow tbc

The first file is to those who’s already have Mangos database installed and already configured, and don’t want to start all over again (i assume you already know on how to upgrade your mangos database) :) … so all you have to do is just importing the mangos core updates and the scriptdev2 sql into your database and you’re finished

Update : I just released the new Mangos 4505 with Scriptdev2 R136, so try using the new version instead :)

#1Mangos R4488 with ScriptDev2 R134 (DBC Extractor, VMaps Extractor and Map Extractor Included) (2.14MB)

While the second file, is to those who’s just want a fresh start or want to create their own private wow server for the first time (i know the pain of using slow internet connection to download large file). The only differences between this version with the above version is, this version include the Project Silvermoon Database Revision 17 (and all the necessary sql update already included too). So without further ado here are the steps :

#2Mangos R4488 with ScriptDev2 R134 and Full Database Dump (DBC Extractor, VMaps Extractor and Map Extractor Included) (9.98MB)

Update : To those who’s having problem on extracting the DBC files, i just uploaded mine (WoW-TBC-2.1.3–enUS DBC 2.85MB) … btw because i’m using the enUS client i’m not to sure if it’s going to with other region version, but it’s not hurt to try, right ?

Note : I assume you’ve configured and installed MySQL properly, if you want to know how to install MySQL, refer to my previous post about MySQL installation Guide for Windows

Note 2 : Adjust your World of Warcraft Game installation path accordingly

1. Extract the rar archive somewhere, for example C:\Mangos

2. Open Command Prompt

3. Execute these commands (must be in order) :

  • cd C:\Mangos\reaper-eazy-mangos
  • mysql -u root -p -v < drop_mysql.sql
  • mysql -u root -p -v < create_mysql.sql
  • mysql -u root -p -v -D realmd < realmd.sql
  • mysql -u root -p -v -D mangos < rx-mangos-4488-silvermoon17-scriptdev134.sql

4. Copy the ad.exe from MapExtractor Directory into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft

5. Create new folder called maps, and then run the ad.exe … and wait until this process finished (don’t interrupt it)

6. Copy all files inside VmapExtractAssembler into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft and run the makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat … and wait again until it finished

7. Copy all files inside DBC Extractor into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS … and run the extract.bat … and wait until it finished

8. Move vmaps, maps, and dbc folder from your World of Warcraft installation path into C:\Mangos\data (create folder named data first)

9. Open Mangosd.conf using Wordpad … and then find this line :

DataDir = "@prefix@/share/mangos"

Change it to :


10. Open file from C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft using Notepad and change the :

set realmlist


set realmlist

11. Run Mangosd.exe and Realmd.exe …

12. At the Mangosd window type these :

create myusername mypassword

setgm myusername 3

13. Run World of Warcraft … and then login using myusername as username, and mypassword as password

14. Done …

Stairway to heaven :P

As a side note, if there’re many people downloading this … perhaps i’m going to simplify the steps in the future by creating batch file :)

And to those who prefer to see a detailed guide with images, feel free to look at my previous post about Creating WoW Private Server … enjoy ;)

And here’s for the list of Mangos GM Commands

P.S If i’m missing something just let me know about it


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288 comments on “WoW Mangos 4488, ScriptDev2 134 with Project Silvermoon DB Rev17

  1. ok, i got to the mangosd and the realmd part, but when i try to open the mangosd file to create my person, it just opens, scrols, then closes, in about 1.5 seconds. what did I do?

  2. ok, well. I would like to call myself an idiot. I’ve never used RAR files but I determined a good program to use for their extraction…thanks for the downloads and tutorials Reaper!

  3. Hey, I downloaded the full RAR file but once it’s on my computer I can’t extract anything, edit it, or open it in any way…I’m not sure what I messed up on.