Do what you love and money will follow you ?

Lately i’ve been thinking about this after i read Problogger review with Gina Trapatani recently. And here’s what Gina Trapatani said in her review with Problogger :

What tips would you give someone just starting out in blogging if they wanted to build a profitable blog?

First, pick a topic you love, one that you can’t wait to write about every day. If I wasn’t truly obsessed with productivity, I would have never lasted at Lifehacker. Second, center your site on the reader, not yourself. Provide useful, informative, entertaining material that readers will come back to over and over again. Third, measure your success by your readership and the response you get from others, not your Adsense checks. Once you build your audience, the money will follow

And because i always interested looking for another opinion about this, i tried searching for similar keywords using Google and came across an interesting post about this :

Mark Albion cites a study by Srully Blotnick :

A study of business school graduates tracked the careers of 1,500 people from 1960 to 1980. From the beginning, the graduates were grouped into two categories. Category A consisted of people who said they wanted to make money first so they could do what they really wanted to do later after they care of their financial concerns. Those in category B pursued their interests first, sure that the money eventually would follow.

What percentage fell into each category?

Of the 1,500 graduates in the survey, the money-now category A’s comprised 83 percent or 1,245 people. Category B risk takers made up 17 percent, 255 graduates.

After 20 years, there were 101 millionaires in the group. Only one came from category A, 100 from category B

Found at John Kwarsick Blog via George Ambler Blog

And after finished reading it (including it is moral story lesson), i think the above story has a truth in it because most successful (if not all) bloggers i’ve ever seen, does the same thing too on their blog. They think about their site visitors first not the money

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