Blogsmith for hosted only ?

It seems that the recent news about Blogsmith to launch in early 2007 is just for another hosted blogging platform not for public download just like other blogging platform such as Wordpress or MovableType

At first i thought it’d be available for public download and i was really enthusiastic on trying it .. on my local server first :-P (hey its not a good idea to try out something new on public, beside with the current connection problem i don’t want to upload anything because i’m connecting at really slow speed) especially after reading Problogger post about this .. but it seems i was wrong

As a note, i say this based on Brian Alvey comments about this matter, and he says that Blogsmith is hosted only, not downloadable like MT. :-(

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  1. Derek Sep 29, 2007 at 8:27 AM

    Um, WordPress is downloadable at ….

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