Wordpress Object Cache or WP-Cache ?

I think you’ve already knew about Object Cache that is enabled by default on Wordpress 2.0.2 or below that’s useful on reducing the number of sql queries used on your blog, but there’s another extreme cache plugin for wordpress and that’s called WP-Cache 2. Although on small site like this there’s no big advantage on using the WP-Cache 2 plugin because i have to make changes into various php files so there’s some part of this site will stay dynamic as it should.

Okay now … what is the difference between Object Cache and WP-Cache ? Object Cache is used to cache SQL Queries used on every page load and that means less resource usage on the MySQL Database.

What about WP-Cache ? well .. WP-Cache is really useful for those who has large site and lots of visitors daily because it’ll create a static page for you instead of creating dynamic page as it should and that means your site is not using SQL Connection at all, just like you were using static HTML page.

But which caching method you should use, now you can judge it by yourself ;)

  • Wordpress built in object cache is easy to use and still produces dynamic page without editing anything and that means less trouble for you
  • WP-Cache produces static page, and for those who is using Flickr Plugin or other plugin that’s producing random image, etc at every page load, aren’t going to work as it should unless you’ve prepared to configure the dynamic part of your page to not be cached .. and you can’t use GZip Compression for this to works

So which method you’re going to use for your site ? that’s depend on your decision .. as a side note WP-Cache works fine without problem on Hostgator (that’s because i’m hosted at Hostgator and i’ve already tried them both)

Btw here’s some of my earlier post about this :

Original Article on how to use GZip compression with WP-Cache can be found here

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