Recommended PS2 Tools

Here’s a list of the most useful PS2 tools ever released on the net (for free of course) ;) besides i’ve already tested it all and all this tools works great

Code (Gameshark, Codebreaker, ARMax) Converting / Decrypting :

PS2 Ripping Tools (although i’ve already put this on my previous post but i forgot to add the link to the official website, so i put it again together in here) ;) :

Note: The official site is in Japanese, but if you don’t want to download each of these files one by one you can download it from here

  • PSS Demux (used to Demux Audio and Video from PS2 Stream : PSS Demux
  • PSS Player (used to play directly the PS2 Stream without demuxing it first, if you dont like to convert it into another video container first) : PSS Player
  • MFAudio (can be used to demux and convert the PS2 Audio Stream into standard WAV format) : MFAudio

Note: If you’re looking for cheating devices like ARMax, Codebreaker, Gameshark, etc. You can contact me directly for more information about that

Save Game Converter :

FTP Server Program (for use in PS2 Machine) :

Note: for those who cant copy the ELF executable into your ps2 memory card in order to run it from ExecFTP Standalone version, choose the ExecFTP ISO Image version as temporary solution and burn it into blank CD-R using your favorite burning program in order to run the ExecFTP program … but you’ll need swap magic trick if you’re not using Modchip on your playstation 2 console. (im going to create some tutorial on this topic in the future, so dont forget to bookmark this site) :P

PS2 Bootable CD / DVD Creating tools :

  • Dummy File Creator : Use this tools to create a dummy files on your burned ps2 cd / dvd
  • CDGen 3 : this is the tools used to create a bootable CD / DVD Structure for your burned ps2 disc

PS2 Media Player to play Divx / XVid video on your PS2 (run this on your ps2 machine) :

  • PS2 Reality Media Player : although there’s similar apps like this one but i choose this program to play media files such as MP3, Divx / Xvid Video on my pstwo. – Note: When i checked this in 2013. The link to the original author homepage is dead so i removed it, i think i still have it in my HDD but unfortunately i can’t remember the filename, so if you really need it, contact me directly

Apps Launcher for your PS2 Machine :

  • LaunchElf : this launcher simply is the best launcher for me ;)

Playing PS2 from your HDD (since im using slim pstwo i cant use HDLoader program), so the only way for me to play through HDD is by using USB HDD Advance by connecting my harddisk drive into usb connector (not all games can be played like on HDLoader) .. if you need it try searching the internet because im not going to put any links to it (illegal) ;)

And don’t forget to check my newest post for an All in one ps2 tools

Page last update: 08 January 2013 to fix the broken links only and of course the AIO PS2 Tools link is fixed too :)

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